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To participate in the ecoinitiative brand can you

Kevin Murphy launches a new ecoinitiative 100% O. W. P. (Ocean Plastic Waste), in which the packing of all funds Australian beauty brand will be carried out entirely from plastic collected in the ocean. The aim of the brand is to reduce the amount of plastic waste, 95% of which are used only once. According to Kevin Murphy, the year in ocean falls to 8 million tonnes of plastic by 2050 the total weight of plastic waste it will exceed the total weight of the fish.

The first funds Kevin Murphy packaging from recycled ocean plastic goes on sale this fall, and by the end of the year they will become available in Russia. To distinguish such products will have the label “100% O. W. P.”. All plastic packaging, including trade volumes and covers will be updated by fall 2020. Kevin Murphy will be the first cosmetic brand to introduce this important practice.

You can also join the cycle of processing plastic material, returning the packing means from Kevin Murphy to the store Authentica.love in Nizhny Susalny lane. All collected so the packaging will be reused.






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