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The star spoke about how to cope with the disease

Kim Kardashian wrote an article for publication Poosh, in which he spoke about his experience in the fight against skin diseases. The model has long been diagnosed with psoriasis, and the disease continues to progress.

First, Kim is very shy to talk about it, but now decided to openly talk about the problem to support people faced with a similar situation.

“This year things became very bad — the psoriasis covered my whole face. The first outbreak happened when I was 25. I caught a cold, and since psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, is caused first attack. There were spots on the belly and legs” — shared experiences star.

Kim said that now feels no discomfort about discussing my disease, and she accepted it as part of yourself and doing everything possible to alleviate the symptoms.

“If you have psoriasis, don’t let him ruin your life or hinder you in some way. You need to do what is convenient for you, regardless of the disease – concluded model. – To cope with stress, I try to make time for yourself and keep yourself in a harmonious state once again not to be nervous”.

Kim Kardashian admitted that the doctor diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis. More about this can be found here.



Kim Kardashian


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