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Specialist examined the harm and good of the kindergartens.


American scholar Noam Spencer conducted a study in which examined the harm and good of the kindergartens. As a result, the specialist concluded that clearly answer the question about the harm or benefit of kindergartens impossible.

If we consider the object of study in relation to the child, kindergartens generally do more harm than good. According to Spencer, children who attend kindergartens, experience less parental care because of what the child may experience psychological problems. We are talking about increasing the risk of disorders of attachment between parents and baby. In addition, training in the kindergarten increases the risks of negative impacts that can be avoided by studying at home.

Also stay in kindergarten for a child is fraught with the fact that he might be infected with various infectious diseases from other children. And scientist found that children enrolled in preschools, the level of the hormone cortisol are higher than those for children who are educated at home. As you know, the hormone cortisol is the stress hormone.

If for children kindergarten does not look very good term, for parents of more advantage. The fact is that, speaking about the benefits or harm of kindergartens, we should not forget about the social aspects. Enrolling a child in kindergarten, parents have the opportunity to earn money which can be invested in family and child development.

In comments to his study Spencer notes that the concern of parents is certainly better than kindergarten. But do not forget about the really upscale preschool, from which the child will benefit.

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