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A resident of England lived two lives. In the dream, she managed to buy pricey goods. In the morning, seeing the checks, she was shocked.

In the unconscious somnambulism people can move and do different things. This morning he won’t even remember. This is quite a common phenomenon, so people are lunatics even special attention do not pay, but there are also more advanced cases.

One of the most unusual cases occurred in England, in the County of Essex with a 37-year-old Kelly Nippers.

– Every morning I Wake up and notice the phone records of the stores of a rather strange acquisitions. And I didn’t even remember to have done something similar. Among the purchases were the lollipops for a few hundred dollars, paint, pepper, refrigerators and even a basketball court, says Kelly.

All the data cards for online purchases has been saved from the woman in the phone, so she didn’t even have to enter information to buy different things in the dream.

The late night shopping at Kelly’s accumulated debt in 4 thousand dollars. For mothers of large families it was a huge amount. Why she fell into depression. Kelly also observed headaches, and somnambulism she had suffered since childhood. Seriously manifested disease, when a woman gave birth to her first child.

Except that the woman was sleepwalking, she is also many times much different medicines that had to be taken at night.

English was examined by specialists. Doctors diagnosed her parasomnia, which arose due to sleep apnea when sleep. It turned out that Kelly had stopped breathing an average of 122 times per night. She was prescribed medication which helped to suppress the disease and gave her the opportunity to sleep.

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