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The basis of perfume compositions news was incense, leather, musk and wood notes ugowego

Louis Vuitton expanded its line of Oriental fragrances, including Ombre Nomade and Les Sables Roses, a new product called Nuit de Feu. Leading French house perfumer Jacques Cavalier of Baltrad included in its composition notes of black and white incense, udalogo wood, musk and leather.

“Nuit de Feu is a combination of ancient ingredients, standing at the origins of our civilization and passed down through the ages. I wanted to create a fragrance that will reunite us with nature and strengthen the connection to our collective history,” said Cavalier of Baltrad.

The cost of the bottle of Nuit de Feu 100 ml is 29 200 roubles. By the way, once the vial is empty, it will be filled again in the boutiques of Louis Vuitton with the perfume fountain.

Earlier perfume collection Louis Vuitton there is another new fragrance — floral Heures d Absence. It used Jasmine, rose and Mimosa.

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