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It will help to reduce the negative impact of the planet

Lush opened the launch of the annual collection for Halloween astrological bomb for the shower, Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb will help the owner to overcome the difficult period of mercury retrograde. The main components of the bombs – lemon, ginger, cinnamon and Gardenia – to help cope with stress and to relax well.

Astrologers say that a few times a year for approximately three weeks mercury is in retrograde motion, that is, the planet moves through the zodiac in the opposite direction. In recent times mercury retrograde has become synonymous with fatigue and bad luck, they decided to explain a series of setbacks or sudden period of laziness.

The next mercury retrograde period is expected from 31 October to 20 November, and the new bomb Lush will be released beforehand on September 13.

Recall that this year, Lush has celebrated the 30th anniversary of the bombs for the shower and in honor of this released a collection of 54 new vehicles.



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