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At the end of June in the official sale a limited edition collection of lipsticks M. A. C. packaging, was created in conjunction with the most popular Russian calligraphists and street-art artist Painting Stripes.

For those of you not familiar with the young man with a strange name, here’s help.

Arseniy Piganov of the Queen in one moment, your high school youth is not a joke became interested in graffiti. Writing out everything in its path, a young man invented his own unique style — calligraffiti, which is a kind of symbiosis of calligraphy and graffiti. Gradually Arseniy growing as a creative person and finally has grown to the Color of the Stripes.

Today, on account of his many high-profile projects. For example, the biggest calligraffiti in the world on the roof of the “red October” in Moscow.

A covered walkway between the shopping center”atrium” and the Kursk station.

And the most grandiose work — the roof of the Square of the Colosseum in Rome, painted by order of FENDI, which in this building the headquarters.

Also on account of the young artist a large number of collaborations with fashion and brands, such as Nike, Levi’s and YSL. But the guy is only 26 years old!

And now it is the turn of M. A. C. to collaborate with the Painted Stripes.

Frankly, seeing the announcement in early June, I thought it would be something more interesting than a regular lipstick in a box with an unusual design. But in fact, Yes, limited collection consists of 4 classic matte lipstick-bullet.

All the beauty limiti can be seen, if you put boxes on top of each other, then they form the whole picture. Calligraffiti.

Also in the framework of cooperation with the brand M. A. C. calligraffiti dedicated a series of works in the framework of his personal project Calligraphy on girls. As a canvas, so to speak, made model Elena Saradzev.

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