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The new season is coming! Here is an overview of the 10 hottest trends for autumn and winter 2019/2020. What to buy to look stylish in the following season?

Neon colors

Do you like to stand out in the crowd? Wonderful! The designers decided to prolong the trend of neon lights for the next season. If you were wearing neon in spring and summer, then I have great news: in autumn and winter they will still be in fashion! Fashion designers promote fashion for all neon. Now we will wear everything bright from head to toe.


The pleated claw skirts with waist, tweed jackets, turtlenecks, stylish scarves and aerator glasses in all their glory are the aesthetics of the 70s and this trend will be appreciated by those who are attracted by the original elegance with a touch of negligence.


From this sensual, feminine, elegant fabric we will be wearing dresses and suits in autumn. Perfect for evening outings. It is worth combining it with feminine accents: gold, animal patterns and lace.


The most feminine trend this year. Designers offer to dress in noble lace of pure black color. Wear corsets, underwear and skirts. It will look good in a company with products made of velvet or tweed.


It’s gonna be classic as well as variations on its theme. Along with it, an elegant cell also returns to grace. It will decorate coats, capes, raincoats, jackets and trousers. Ideal choice for English style fans.


A fantastic trend in glamorous style, which will be most popular on New Year’s Eve and carnival day. Perfectly suitable for other exits in the light. If the feather dress is too much for you, just wear a feather clip.


An alternative to coats and jackets. Perfect for the first autumn cold. It will not only be comfortable, but above all, very stylish! It is a great thing that any fashionable woman should have.

Wide trousers

Forget about the skinny! Narrow trouser styles go into oblivion. In the autumn-winter season designers recommend to pay attention to the models with wide trousers of male cut. It looks best with feminine tandems, such as lace blouse.

Waist is clearly underlined

The most feminine trend! Stylists advise in autumn and winter to choose styles that will emphasize the waist. Fashionable will be a claw skirt with a belt in the retro style, but in a modern version.

Clearly marked shoulders

This trend dates back to the 1980s. Shoulders should be large and lush, for example, by means of shoulder pads, jackets and poles. Thus, the silhouette will take a completely different shape. If you are tiny, wear this trend carefully.

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