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The secrets of natural makeup (the secret is to be born beautiful man)

In the looks for the show Dior Peter Philips has always devoted to the study of the skin the most attention, because, as a rule, it is natural make without bright accents. To make a good skin, the make-up artist actually don’t need a lot of time and products, enough low funds, but classy and suitable for the task.

The preparation of the skin such makeup three components:

Purification. Here I prefer a micellar water or cleansing milk.

Serum to solve a specific problem. If the skin is dry, then take a hydrating serum. If it is porous, the serum, tightens pores. If the skin is oily, mattifying.

Cream. Nourishing or moisturizing, depending on the condition of the skin.

Models are models for the show usually Bucyrus girls without serious skin problems. Therefore, with regard to trends in makeup, skin impressions, nothing has changed. Makeup artists always use a minimum of means, and if the model’s own skin is clean and shining, we just use concealer to adjust the nuances of the skin and Foundation do not apply. Speaking about filming, here we are also trying to preserve the natural skin texture. Masked bruises, rashes, and other nuances that are difficult to correct in photoshop.

Makeup for life — that’s another story, here people love this Foundation more tightly. Don’t see what the problem is, everyone chooses to your taste, but in the world of fashion has always been a trend shining, not overloaded with makeup, the skin, and shows everything stays the same.

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The so-called no make — it’s actually not as easy as it may seem. Sometimes a bright make much easier to do than natural. It is important that the skin looked well designed, but to the hand of the makeup artist was not very noticeable even up close. The main thing — the correct tone. I like the tone of the Dior Backstage, he was created with a view to work on the shows. With him to work quickly, and on the skin it looks natural. If you use a beauty blender, it can easily be layered for a denser coating. Secret tricks for a perfect “makeup without makeup” as there are none. It is crafted beige shade the crease of the eyelid, combed up and slightly to the side eyebrows, dyed migracyjne space and Celeron curled lashes. Curler is probably the main trick with them eyelashes can even be painted and will still be good.





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