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One package is a work of art

Makeup artist Sir John, who worked with beyoncé, Priyanka Chopras and Serena Williams, have created a collection of makeup inspired by Africa. It will be released on 15 June to the release of the feature film “the lion King”.

Disney has already released a similar collection to the release of new films, for example, the recent was dedicated to the heroes of “Aladdin”. Sir John noted that the new collection is not dedicated to a specific character and it was a great advantage, because it does not limit the imagination. Artist makeup inspired by the colors of the African landscape and graceful wild cats.

The collection includes sculptural palette, eyeshadow, matte, liquid lipsticks, tinted lip balms and highlighter. Product names associated with the characters and important episodes in the history of “the Lion King”, for example, the palette for eyes, you can find shades of “Nala”, “King”, “Rock of the Ancestors”, “African clay.”

To purchase products from the collection will be here.

Recall that in the new film of the lion cub Simba will play Donald Glover. For the role of Simba’s girlfriend Nala agreed Beyonce. Simba’s father Mufasa will play James Earl James, who voiced the character in the cartoon 1994.





The Lion King

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