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Tech contouring quite suitable for this

Swiss researchers have found that the easiest way to hide from the surveillance cameras – to do makeup. That plan certainly worked, you should use the services of a professional makeup artist — medium skills in the use of decorative cosmetics is not enough.

The system of recognition of persons usually respond to such facial features as eyes, nose, chin and jaw, and recognize skin texture and blemishes on the face. Therefore, the system can be fooled, for example, changing your age, using the technique of contouring or making with his face something quite unusual.

Usually in order to deceive the camera, use a baseball cap, glasses, hats, wigs and false beards. However, the algorithms have learned to deal with such tricks. “The study showed that makeup can greatly change the appearance, of a person to remain unnoticed or even impersonate another person,” said Sebastien Marcel, one of the author’s research.

Previously, the designers showed the decoration of mask that prevents the camera to recognize a face. As it deceives the technology we described here.




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the contouring

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