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American brand Hatch, which produces goods for pregnant women and young mothers, has released a new product — the mask sheet for the belly. Face masks, cellulose and hydrogel-based have become a big trend thanks to the popularity of K-Beauty that prompted the founder of Hatch Ariana Goldman to create the same — only the body. The actual problem of stretch marks during pregnancy, so Hatch proposed a new solution to the mask to help the butter and jelly that are typically used for the prevention of…

Hatch Mama Belly Mask is a large round patch of cellulose impregnated with serum with aloe Vera, propolis and sea collagen in the composition. It hugs the belly like a second skin and does its job: it moisturizes, nourishes and improves elasticity. The composition is safe and has no contraindications for use during pregnancy. And thanks to drawing the eye, it is possible to make a selfie.

To use as easy as any other mask — just put it on the intended place and leave for a few minutes, and then give the remnants to absorb.

The cost of one 12$, set of 4-pieces are 42$.

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