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The essence of massage of Asahi — in a rather intense effect on the underlying facial muscles. It is believed that because of their “laziness” face and starts to “gutter”. “Podkachal” muscles, you will improve the clarity of facial contours, restore skin vitality, accelerate lymphatic drainage, get rid of bags under the eyes and facial wrinkles.

The procedure is simple and takes only 15 minutes, but before you start, learn the technique of holding Japanese Asahi massage, otherwise at best it will be useless, and at worst can harm. 8 rules of massage for the face that will prevent wrinkles.

How to make massage Asahi

1. Learn the location of the lymph nodes

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To touch them is absolutely impossible.

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2. Prepare the skin for facial massage

Thoroughly cleanse skin, removing makeup and well washed. Don’t put any serum or cream — they are now superfluous. Pre-massage prep basis: a sliding tool that will help you not to stretch the skin, namely to study individual plots. Perfect cosmetic cream, lotion makeup remover or olive oil. Less successful, but it is a valid choice — cream or micellar water with a drop of essential oil. After the massage, we still have time to clean the skin.

Just massage face Asahi includes 12 steps that are repeated three times and the final exercise.

1. Preparatory massage

Put the fingers of both hands in the center of the forehead and go to the temples and back. Then loosen your fingers and praskolesy from the lymph nodes near your ear on the neck towards the collarbone.

2. Massage of the forehead

Bring hands to the center of the forehead, palms inward, fingertips connect. At the same time the index, middle and ring fingers apply pressure to the skin, hold for three seconds, then with an effort run to the temples, there unfold his wrists to the center of the face and bring your fingers to your ears, then along the side of the neck to the collarbone.

3. Massage the eye area

The pads of the middle fingers flat against the outer corner of the eye and lead on the arc to the inner corner. From there, perform the same movement back along the edge of the orbit. Then push slide fingers to temples, hold and hold fingers of the tragus of the ear, down via the lymphatic lines of the neck to the shoulder.

4. Massage area around the mouth

Put your fingers in the center of the chin, press, hold a bit and start to slide to the corners of the lips. The skin will “pull” up, that’s fine. Also, directing the skin up pressure for 2-3 seconds handle nasolabial folds (or the place where they can appear).

5. Massage of the nose

Active massage in a circular motion, the wings of the nose, the nose (top to bottom), then on the cheeks, the fingers promote to the tragus of the ear, hold the pressure for about three seconds — and the usual route the neck to the shoulder.

6. Massage chin

From the center of the chin with a force slide your fingers to the corners of the lips, hold for three seconds. Then to the edges of the nostrils, fix, release, and finally to the outer corners of the eyes. Complete classic: the tragus of the ear, the neck to the collarbone.

7. Massage cheeks

Left hand grab the lower jaw. The edge of the palm of the right hand put vertically to the right of the nose, apply pressure, just hold it for three seconds and move to the edge of the face, as if to wash the sweat from the skin. Do the same changing the hands and side of the face. Finish as usual.

8. Massage the cheekbones

Keep your fingers on both cheeks, “raise” them up to the corners of the eyes. Hereinafter, according to the known trajectories to the collarbone.

9. General massage

Put your face down in the palm (the classic pose of a listener), then “wash”, shifting the skin from the center to the periphery. Index finger and thumb grasp the skin of the cheeks and gradually displaced the cap closer to ears. The final traditional.

10. Relaxing massage

Point taps coming from the wings of the nose to the ears, from the chin to the ears and from the middle of the forehead to the ears. Finish as usual.

11. Vibrating massage

Completely relax all the muscles, open your mouth, cover your eyes and shake your head. Then repeat the technique from the previous paragraph.

12. Smoothing massage

“Wash your face”, moving your hand from the chin to the hairline, slowly and with a noticeable push on the skin, as if forcing stagnant fluid.

13. The final massage

With fingertips of one hand to massage the forehead in zigzag motions in the transverse direction, up and down, left to right and Vice versa. Second hand support the chin. Then you smooth the forehead from the center to the temples, marking press and — Yes, from the ears to the collarbones.

After the massage, Asahi for the face have to sit quietly for a minute or two, then wash with warm water and apply the usual care products.

Difficult? See the video!

Contraindications to facial massage:

  • inflammation and skin diseases;
  • pathology of the lymphatic system;
  • weakness and feeling unwell;
  • rosacea.
Massage Asahi: alternative to plastic face

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