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Today, December 12, piping hot on sale very appetizing palette from an indie brand GlamLite. Founder of Giselle Hernandez has lived his entire life in Brooklyn, and a lifelong love pizza. This palette was a reflection of her passion and a way to create something completely new in the monotonous world of palettes. Take a closer look?

40 $

The palette is quite large and consists of 18 shadestotal weight of shadows 36 gr. Each hue is the name of a topping for pizza.

On the reverse side of the packaging is done in wooden boards for pizza.

Starting with the top piece clockwise:

Red onion Bacon Pineapple

Garlic Basil Prosciutto

Meatballs jalapeno hot sauce

Sausage Black olives Marinara Sauce

Kalamata Olives Pepperoni Ham

Extra cheese Green peppers Mushrooms

The palette has quite a big mirror:

A little switcha:

View samples in the package — so it is sent to customers:

First video review:

She and Giselle in the company.:

Here’s a delicious thing happened with GlamLite. On the one hand I have more questions than answers, on the other hand is really something new. The shades are very commonplace — here to you and yellow and purple and green and different pink-brown. The packaging is bulky, but fun. It is possible notably to have fun, doing make-up — the garlic over the entire lid, blend a little sausage in the crease and add Basil. Mmm…

Cover the palette is not to my taste — looks like a cheap menu in the bistro. Well, actually the abundance of *meat* of the shades are very confused. Even though I’m not a vegetarian, smear on the eye something called *meatballs* or *ham* I don’t really want.

Do you like it? Would like to try a pizza?

Buon Apetito!

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