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American scientists said that medical robes become carriers of dangerous bacteria.

Researchers from the US found that more than 50% of the surface of medical gowns are contaminated with bacteria that can be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. Even in the tie of the surgeon were found many dangers. They make people with serious medical complications. The researchers found that about 45% of dangerous microbes that were found in the wounds, was identical to those that live in medical coats.

But not only clothing is a dangerous carrier of bacteria. Threat also the stethoscope, working tablet and mobile phone.

Is questioning the quality of today’s medicine. It is believed that doctors wear robes, so as not to infect people with bacteria from his clothes. But research shows that this tool is not effective and even harmful – says microbiologist John Vault.

Scientists also noted that the microbes appear at the coats after only a few hours after wearing it. Although, according to American scientists, 58% of doctors wash robes only once a month.

To solve the problem of transmission of infections, experts suggest to make clothes for medical workers from anti-bacterial fabric. They also call for health workers to not wear jewelry and other wardrobe items that fall below the elbow.


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