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Summer – time bright, warm and Sunny emotions! Spend your unforgettable summer with the best beauty hits!

With the arrival of long-awaited summer season service Beauty.ua Box in a hurry to please the girls with two new boxes of beauty ─ Beauty.ua Box “Hello Summer!” and Beauty.ua Box ” Hello Summer!” Premium with an incredibly rich design! Inside each box is hidden a real must-have products for your summer cosmetics. Let’s rather look at the content on each of them!

What you can expect in the box Beauty.ua Box “Hello Summer!”?

Inside the standard box – 10 cosmetic products each of us this summer. Rush to order a set for just 399 UAH. because, like summer, all the beautiful things tends to end quickly 🙂

Palmer’s Conditioning shampoo with coconut oil, 50 ml

Moisturizing daily shampoo with natural coconut oil, keratin and vitamin E gently cleanses hair without drying and damaging. The product does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates and dyes. According to consumer surveys, 95% of respondents said that after using the shampoo the hair becomes more hydrated, and 87% more brilliant. Country of origin – USA.

Palmer’s Restoring conditioner with coconut oil, 50 ml

The conditioner contains natural coconut oil, keratin and panthenol to strengthen and restore dry and damaged hair. Gives the strands shiny and silky for the whole day, protects the hair cuticle, detangles. Does not contain sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes.

The result of customer surveys: 94% − moisture hair, 87% − the hair become more manageable, 85% − easy combing, 79% − reducing tangles, 84% − giving the hair Shine. Country of origin – USA.

Mary Kay, Day cream with SPF 30 TimeWise® Age Minimize 3D™ for dry/normal skin

The cream restores the skin’s moisture balance, protects from UV rays broad spectrum of type A and b, and slows down the process of aging. Used regularly, restores skin’s natural radiance, evens skin tone and promotes the natural production of collagen. Valid for 12 hours, keeping the skin hydrated and supple without clogging pores. Suitable for sensitive skin. The cream contains an exclusive patented complex Age Minimize 3D™.

Bawdy Mask for buttocks (one of the masks will be in a box)

BAWDY is a mask that will make your buttocks smooth and elastic. A product of the American cosmetic brand, a breakthrough in the beauty industry, visited the exhibition New York Fashion Week. Bawdy Beauty products made from 100% natural herbal ingredients, which give the priest the love that she deserves. Masks make buttocks firmer, detoxify and tone the skin for a space beauty!

  • BITE IT! “TASTE” (moisturizes + tones)

Plant collagen mask. Moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin, prevents wrinkles, makes your buttocks elastic. Fights flabbiness and dryness of the skin, acne and irritation.

  • SQUEEZE IT! “SQUEEZE” (brightens + rejuvenates)

Brightening and rejuvenating mask with citrus evens skin tone, reduces the appearance of spots and dullness, resulting in skin that looks radiant.

  • SLAP IT! “CLAP” (restores + toxins)

Natural cream based on caffeine. Improves skin texture, eliminates the manifestation of the “orange peel”, improves elasticity and skin tone.

  • SHAKE IT! “SHAKE” (strengthens + whitens)

Firming and whitening seaweed mask provides instant Shine and visually excrete your butt, creating the perfect look for the beach and Instagram.

BIODERMA, Gidrabio serum, 15 ml

Hydrabio serum from the Dermatological laboratory BIODERMA plays in our skin’s natural protection mechanisms and moisture, inherent nature. The Aquagenium complex™ (Vitamin PP + extract of Apple seed) in the composition formula of the product like re-trains the skin to maintain optimum moisture level. While hyaluronic acid and xylitol maintain an optimal level of hydration, prevents the appearance of wrinkles of dehydration. Comfortable thanks to its lightweight texture is suitable for both women and men.

NOREVA Laboratoire Dermatologique, Exfoliac cleansing gel for sensitive combination to oily skin 100 ml

French Dermatological Laboratory has developed Noreva cleansing gel for combination to oily sensitive skin. Formula with physiological pH of the soft washing base gently cleanses sensitive skin, removes impurities and makeup.

The complex of plant extracts (sage, nasturtium and burdock root) reduces the growth of bacteria and regulates sebum secretion, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. With daily use the skin becomes healthier, the pores are narrowed, and the texture is improved.


Water-resistant sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 from ZIAJA is suitable for all skin types and is intended for use in the first days of sun exposure. The product does not cause irritations and protects from harmful UV rays, even while swimming.

Unice, the peeling Gel Body Soul Unice with cucumber and mint

Thanks to its unique composition, this gel has powerful properties. Soft texture enables the gel-UNICE roll from “excellent” to cope with its main task: gently but effectively cleanse the skin from dead cells, makeup residue and excess sebum, clogging the pores.

  • The juice of cucumber and peppermint in the ingredients will provide the skin a powerful dose of nutrition and moisture.
  • Cucumber supports the moisture balance of the skin, while peppermint relieves inflammation and soothes.
  • The combination of 5 beneficial acids – lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and salicylic – rejuvenates, maintaining skin elasticity and smooth tone.

Mavala Mavadry fast drying nail Polish

It is necessary to make manicure, as immediately head down minor annoyances: the phone rings, the keys will be lost somewhere in your purse, then you urgently need the money from her purse. And no matter how you tried to spend all manipulations with special care, some nail still lubricated. And here you comes to the aid of miracle remedy – drying for your nails Mavala Mavadry.

This tool is created for women who have no time to wait until completely dry lacquer. And with this beauty assistant you will be able to speed up this tedious process. Just one minute after application and a flawless manicure is ready. In addition, the drying Mavala Mavadry will prevent the appearance of cracks and chipping on the manicure will enhance the luster and vibrance of the shade of nail Polish.

Mavala Mini nail files

Nail file – interchangeable accessory and the main assistant in creating a flawless manicure. Mini nail file for your nails Mavala Mini Emery Boards used for shaping natural nails. Accessories can be used even on a very fragile, brittle and sensitive nails. Due to its texture of the product will help smooth out rough skin around the nail plate. The yellow side of the nail file is used to correct the length of the nail, and the white correction of the free edge.

The basis of the Mavala Mini nail files Emery Boards made from natural materials – birch wood, on which were deposited the cardboard with specially patented abrasive.

What you can expect in the box Beauty.ua Box ” Hello Summer!” Premium?

Inside The “Hello Summer!” Premium 8 best beauty products for makeup and skin care required of each of us. The cost of the premium set – 1199 UAH. Hurry to order, because the number of Premium boxes is limited!

ELLA BACHE Hyaluronic moisturizing cream-mask 15 ml

An ideal and normal and dry summer our skin craves it. Intense regenerating balm is the ideal way to drink and rejuvenate your skin. And this tool created in order to heal dehydrated, problem skin, restore her beauty, radiance and health.

Cream mask enriched with hyaluronic acid, extracts of green algae and flowers of grapes, as well as valuable nourishing oils. The long-term remedy retains moisture in the skin cells, restores moisture to the most dehydrated areas of the face and body, relieves feeling of tightness and dryness, relieves irritation and cracks, struggling with eczema. This moisturising balm from Ella Bache is an indispensable universal cosmetic product for the whole family!

NUXE, the Floral, 10 ml

The new version of the cult classic NUXE product c floral aroma. A multifunctional dry oil for face, body and hair contains 7 precious plant oils (Tsubaki, Argan, Borage, hazelnut, Macadamia, Camellia, Sweet almond) to nourish, moisturize and restore the skin, caring for hair.

Means 96.9% of ingredients are of natural origin, has a protective antioxidant effect. Quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy feeling, leaves the skin silky. Does not contain silicones and mineral oils.

A bouquet of floral notes includes a playful heart of the fragrance blooming Magnolia trees, they blend perfectly with base notes of white musk and spicy top notes of citrus: naughty harmony blend of grapefruit, lemon, orange and Calabrian bergamot. Signature scent of the NUXE oil has become more fresh due to the aroma of petitgrain.

СOULEUR CARAMEL, Ink Revolution (ultra-black)

This mascara will give your eyes not only expressive look, but also the safety and care for eyelashes, and her resistant hypoallergenic formula will provide comfort throughout the day. The revolutionary shape of the brush gives volume, carefully progresiva every hair, even in hard to reach places. The product is made from 100% natural ingredients (and organic) origin:

  • organic argan oil: rich in different fatty acids, vitamin E and squalene, providing an antioxidant effect, nourishes, protects, strengthens eyelashes.
  • gum Senegalese acacia: provides elasticity and evenness of coverage responsible for the durability of the carcass.

LIERAC, a Balm for the eye area

Tool-perfektor “2-in-1” provides care for the eye contour and protects the delicate skin from photoaging. Practical and comfortable during travel.

The formula contains:

  • 100% mineral filters – optimal UVA / UVB protection for the sensitive skin around the eyes;
  • fractionated melanin – prevention of pigment spots;
  • vegetable flavonoids reduce wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • protein (product of green chemistry) neutralizes the SR and promotes the synthesis of cellular energy, improves skin quality;
  • corrective pigments: the universal shade creates the effect of concealer (conceals wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentne spots);
  • mother-of-pearl particles, derived from mica – instant natural radiance;
  • Carnauba wax – is responsible for comfortable application.

VITAL JUST hydro Gel 30 ml

The formula contains innovative active ingredients of the latest anti-aging research and take into account the individual needs of the skin, regardless of age or gender.

The composition of the Hydrogel includes Alpine moisturizing complex (AUC). It is the extract of Alpine Edelweiss and Swiss glacier water, enclosed in a liposomal shell, which as close in nature to the water-lipid mantle of the skin; in a liposomal shell components AUK contribute to the conservation of moisture in the skin and its replenishment, and thus make the skin elastic and youthful.

The formula contains the maximum amount of natural ingredients:

  • different types of the world’s best varieties of roses used in cosmetics: damask, French, moscata;
  • natural flavoring with rose water;
  • extracts of the bulbs of the snowdrop and Crocus extract, snow algae;
  • Shea butter, almond and rosehip.

Cosmetics hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types.

FILORGA Meso-mask , 30 ml

Smoothing mask intense action brightens, improves the complexion and gives the skin a glow. Contains collagen and elastin, moisturizes the skin and smoothes wrinkles, reduces signs of fatigue. Ramnose polysaccharide calms skin and reduces redness, lightens the tone and gives it a natural glow. Moisturizing ingredients provide skin elasticity and softness.

UNICE, Women’s eau de Parfum Soncezalezhna by Karpa, 50 ml

“Love me, sun!” sings Ukrainian singer Natalka Karpa in his popular hit “Concealing”. This song was inspired by UNICE multibrand together with well-known artist to create a new superhit romantic perfume Soncezalezhna by Karpa. Woven from the rays of the sun, the aroma from Natalka Karpa will gently envelop you in the warmth of the sun and filled with unforgettable emotions. It is like breathing fresh flowers and fragrant fruits.

Summer-luscious and sensual perfume opens with sweet-citrus with a mix of ripe fruit. The “heart” of the fragrance fragrant languor full floral bouquet. A seductive trail of woody notes and a spicy musk promises this summer will be full of passion!

PHYTO Shampoo Phytomillesime 50 ml + mask

Innovative tools line Phytomillesime hair brand Phyto extract Apple redLove® protects the color of dyed and streaked hair, prolongs vitality staining. The formula contains extracts of fruits and flowers of Apple, and hibiscus extract. Together they give hair silky and shiny.


Meet summer together with Beauty.ua Box "Hello Summer!"

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