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News you can use together or separately, depending on the desired result

Russian cosmetic brand Mixit has released a new line of serums for face and Skin Chemistry. In total there are five funds on the basis of effective ingredients designed to meet the different needs of the skin, including the regeneration, hydration, exfoliation, controlling sebum and rejuvenation. They can be used separately or in combination.

The line includes exfoliating serum with lactic and hyaluronic acid, regenerating oleo-serum with oils of hemp and rosehip hydrating serum concentrate with hyaluronic acid, anti aging serum with copper peptides and sebum-regulating serum with Niacinamide and zinc. The cost of any product is 445 rubles, you can also purchase a set of 2 for 225 rubles.

Recall that in early July, the Mixit range has been enriched with masks for the face Sweet Skin, the inspiration for which were the desserts. Read more about them, we told here.



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