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Waking up, many people find in the corners of the eyes sticky orange lumps. They do not even suspect that this may threaten their health.

Opticians explain that the resulting crust is a collection of mucus, sebum, skin cells and dust. This compound is formed only when a person is sleeping, as during wakefulness debris from the mucosa retracts during blinking.

While sleeping in a corner of the corners of the eyes accumulated lump. It dries, and then hardens, causing eye irritation.

Most people trying to scrape with your fingers the crust. But this method is not hygienic Opticians warn that the way to get infected and even scratch the eye. It is best just to wash face with warm water or wet a handkerchief and RUB her eyelids.

If you have formed a crust more than usual, then it is likely that overtook conjunctivitis (popularly called “pink eye”). It is accompanied with symptoms such as itching and redness of the eyes.

In the “dry eye” is not allocated a sufficient amount of tears to moisten them. This leads to inflammation and increased cover.

Doctors recommend people to be careful. If you seemed suspicious this education, it is better to consult a doctor to avoid serious consequences.

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