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Themes of the exhibition are female harmony and natural beauty

From 25 September to 22 November in the Moscow Gallery of classical photography will host a multimedia exhibition of works by Anna Matveeva. The exhibition called “Uniqueness” will include photos and art on women, peace and feeling of natural beauty. Heroines are Nude women over thirty years. Each of them has the confidence, the pursuit of perfection, the acceptance of this in real life, and the strength and desire to change something.

“They are all different — with its own advantages and its own personality, with its problems and difficulties, which are expressed not only in business, family, work and the body,” — said Matveyev.

Partner of the exhibition “Uniqueness” was made by the French professional cosmetics brand Institut Esthederm, founded in 1978 by professionals in the field of aesthetic cosmetology.




Anna Matveeva

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