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In particular the make — up of the boyband

Supermodel Naomi Campbell during your make-up-tutorial, in which she was shot with a beauty blogger Jackie Ainhoa mentioned K-pop group BTS. She told me that she admires their makeup.

During the video we are talking about cosmetics for men. Naomi showing Jackie beauty product says, “It was created by my assistant it is for men. Because you know that men are now also used makeup. The group that BTS has a whole makeup line.”

Jackie said that now Naomi is admired by a huge army of fans of the band, to which the supermodel replied, “I think it’s awesome she saw it. It seems to me that the male makeup of the grandiose future, he comes to this”.

Army fans of the group really became very actively cheering the mention of Naomi Campbell their idols:

To know why around the Korean group BTS is in such HYIP from our material.

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