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Supermodel believes that the plane is the most important disinfection

Naomi Campbell showed how traveling in airplanes. On your YouTube channel in the model posted a video in which in detail told about the flight to Qatar.

Climbing aboard, Naomi rubs antibakterialnuyu wipes all surfaces that she can touch the chair, the back of the forward seat, the screen, walls and tables. The model wears a mask and doesn’t take it off until the end of the flight “No matter what flight you are flying private or commercial, with the decline of the plane passengers begin to sneeze and cough. Because of this coughing and sneezing… I just can’t do [with it],” explains Naomi.

The model shows in the video that a journey of beauty mask to moisturize the skin.

Recall that Naomi Campbell and Carine roitfeld joined the judging panel of a new show by Amazon about fashion. Details about the project can be found here.

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