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And base under mascara Marc Jacobs fluffy eyelashes, serum Helena Rubinstein that do not require cream and aesthetically set Chanel

Makeup collection Extreme, Tom Ford

Promise: makeup made by Extreme means, it will be difficult not to notice. The collection includes:

  • Lip Lip Extrême Spark in twelve shades. Composed of small glitter. Must easily and evenly be applied, the coating metal (4500 RUB.).
  • Mascara Badass Extrême Mascara — promises to thickens each lash and add volume. Film-forming polymers should prevent shedding. The concave side of the brush with soft bristles lengthens and curls, the rounded tip separates the small lashes in the corners (3990 rubles).

Already on sale in TsUMe.

Anastasia: My inner Tamatoa rejoices when he looks at these lipsticks.

Mary: When we were making our own fondant in Liplab, I learned that stuff in stick of lipstick sequin billion is not so easy. When there is a number, the texture turns dry, crumbly stick. But then Liplab, and this is our Tom. I’m excited.

Olga: I need all of these lipsticks — and urgently, before summer is over. I really want to Shine, and you?

Julia: Yes why do you need summer for that!

Perfecting emulsion Skinmunity Powercell, Helena Rubinstein

The main ingredient of an emulsion plant cells of samphire. They should reduce the regeneration cycle of the skin for one week and restore its protective function. Even Powercell Skinmunity promises to moisturize, nourish and even out tone.

According to the brand, after application of the emulsion it is possible to do without cream, hydration and nutrition will be enough.

Price: 11 200 RUB

Already on sale in Sephora.

Anastasia: OOO, “you can do without the cream” — what a nice word for lazy.

Olga: I Sincerely believe in the power of marine ingredients, but because I really want to try!

Julia: I’m wondering how exactly the regeneration of skin is accelerated?

Primer mascara Primer Velvet, Marc Jacobs Beauty

Velvet Primer is applied under mascara (the brand advises Velvet Noir Mascara), promises to make eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller. The color of the primer is beige, so it will be easy to control the degree of coverage, and black color mascara on it should become brighter.

Velvet Primer can be used as an overnight mask for eyelashes. In the composition of the peptides and panthenol.

Price: 2300 RUB.

Already on sale in Sephora.

Julia: For me, so all the primers for lashes the same — and all work about the same. There is an interesting beige color — now we have to check whether the difference from the usual pure white.

Summer limited collection Fraicheur, Thalgo

First year summer releases Thalgo “marine” means body. Fraicheur promise thoughts to move in the voyage. The collection includes:

  • Refreshing shower foam Ma Douche Fraicheur — dense foam melts in contact with skin; the smell of sea freshness. Moisturizes and remineralizer — 1730 RUB
  • Refreshing spray Eau Fraicheur Mon — hydrates (water from marine sources), calms and soothes (laminaria extract), to soothe (aloe) — 3845 RUB.
  • Refreshing body lotion Lait Fraicheur Mon — tones, moisturizes, soothes — 1730 RUB

Now available in “L’etoile”.

Nastya: Spray that works like a cream — it’s just a holiday for those who don’t like creams for the body, but forced them to smudge. And then there’s the scent of the sea bonus.

Olga: Foam shower Thalgo is just a holiday for you. I advise you not to pass — however, they are just unrealistically good.

Tint for lips Lip Tattoo and blush Luminizer Blush Diorskin Nude, Dior

Dior has updated the formula of the Lip Tattoo and has released four new shades. Tint should stay for 12 hours, moisturize and not to be felt on the lips.

Diorskin Nude Blush Luminizer — vysokomehanizirovannoe radiant blush. The packaging was more compact in comparison with previous products of this line.

Funds are limited.

Price: tint — 2750 RUB, blush — 3500 RUB

On sale in June.

Julia: Oh, my God. All you want to. All! And thought, that when something goes…

Travel set of flavors Les Eaux De Chanel, Chanel

In the travel version (not so travel — 50 ml) of the three fragrances in the collection Les Eaux De Chanel, bag and postcards that you can send out of travel.

  • Paris — Deauville, Chanel
    • top notes of Basil, Sicilian orange, bergamot, lemon, lime and petitgrain;
    • middle notes: Jasmine, rose, Green notes and gedion;
    • base note: patchouli.
  • Paris — Biarritz Chanel
    • top notes: tangerine, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon and orange;
    • middle notes: Lily of the valley, neroli and green notes;
    • base notes: white musk and patchouli.
  • Parise — Venice, Chanel
    • top notes: pink pepper, orange, bergamot, lemon and petitgrain;
    • middle notes: neroli, iris, rose, geranium and ylang-ylang;
    • base notes: vanilla, Tonka beans absolute, benzoin, iris, violet and white musk.

Price: 19 500 RUB.

Already on sale in the perfume and cosmetic boutiques Chanel.

Nastya: Biarritz is my favorite scent from this collection. Get it and the pouch for some time, I became the Eeyore: “in and out remarkably out”. Don’t do that, because the bottle I eventually dropped it. He is whole, but already puffin ‘ on so-so.

Masha: I love Biarritz. From it blows cool. But not one that gives citrus flavors, hinting at all sorts of soft drinks with ice. But the one that lurks under a white tent summer cafe serving exceptionally cold Prosecco.

Olga: I Join the chorus of fans of Biarritz. Although warming of the iris-vanilla Venice is very good — especially for cool evenings.

The brand’s skin care Ecooking

Ecooking was invented by the Danish Tina Sogaard. At first she was making cosmetics in the kitchen for myself, then for friends, then for friends of friends, and then decided to create his own brand. By all means a vegetarian, in the compositions of the organic and natural oils.

Bestsellers are:

  • Universal balm Multi Balm — for dry and damaged skin. Suitable for lips, cuticles, hands, feet (2570 RUB).
  • Face scrub Face Scrub — cleanses, exfoliates (particle almonds), nourishes and moisturizes (3000 RUB).
  • Day cream Day Cream — moisturizes, nourishes, evens skin tone and skin texture (4260 RUB).
  • Lifting serum Firming Capsules Serum promises to reduce wrinkles in 60 days (5680 rbl.).
  • Lip balm Natural — nourishes (1100 RUB.).

Already on sale in the “Golden Apple”.

Masha: it’s a Pretty standard story: the Creator of the brand began to cook in the kitchen the cream for myself and then decided to sell. The only difference is that Tina at the time was a new hobby for 40 years, 20 of which she worked in the cosmetic industry — in Yves Rocher and Douglas shops. And a 40 left her husband, chop off in addition small business. From stress Tina began losing his hair, has bad skin. It is here that arm and got a saucepan and a couple of natural extracts. The result we see on the shelves of the “Golden Apple” and in shops and pharmacies of 20 countries. All environmentally friendly, fragrance-free, suitable even for Allergy sufferers. The texture is pleasant. Formula designed. For example, serum Firming Serum Capsules promises to work like Botox to reduce wrinkles in particular due to the light freezing activity of the facial muscles.

  • New items: shadow-transformers The Balm and tools-photoshop Filorga
  • Try new items: very persistent connections and trouble-free bronzer
  • What to buy in the collection Eyes Collection 2019, Chanel?
New items: brand Ecooking, a collection of Tom Ford Extreme and the new Dior Lip Tattoo

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