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And also: Darphin concentrate with retinol, anti-aging line Babor, duochrome pigments Chaos Makeup, fragrances Floraiku inspired by Japan, and products for colored hair Cutrin.

Youth Retinol Concentrate Oil Concentrate, Darphin

In the composition of the Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate — 0,3% natural retinol (the maximum allowable concentration in cosmetics in the EU). This active ingredient is sensitive to oxygen, light and temperature changes, so the tool is enclosed in light – and air-tight capsules in which the retinol is not destroyed.

The concentrate needs to fight wrinkles, pigmentation, acne and blackheads, plus moisturize due to the oils of jojoba, sesame, and argan macadamia. Suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive.

Price: 5650 RUB.

On sale in early February.

Julia: it’s Nice to see that the brand goes in the direction of such complex ingredients as retinol.

Matte lipstick-tint Rouge, Signature, L’oreal Paris

It seems that everyone has realized that matte lipsticks on the market so much that it is impossible to surprise anyone. And made a bid for the care. Recently, non-drying lip matte lipstick was released with MAC, now — L’oreal Paris. Rouge Signature should not be felt on the lips. At all. Not in the least. But the color promised a dense, vitality — worthy.

Presented in 12 shades.

Price: 690 RUB.

Already on sale in the “Rive Gauche”, with a March on all networks.

Julia: I Tried in one of the red shades. The texture is sticky-slippery — color literally stretched my lips. Immediately after application the finish is shiny, but gradually the glow goes away, it remains only the color. I would not say that this lipstick true matte, but it’s really comfortable. The only thing it lacks pigmentirovannoy to become my favorite. But three different red! -)

Anti-aging line SeaCreation, Babor

Babor has replaced the old means of anti-aging SeaCreation line. Packaging is also changed — lovers of the beautiful will not carp.

The main ingredient is a seaweed extract, MicroAlgae, which have to fight fine and deep wrinkles. The protein Glycocéane GP3 derived from the microorganisms living in the cold waters of the southern ocean, and complex Thermophilus. First — activates the fibroblasts, the second — restores and prevents the oxidation of cells.

The line includes:

  • SeaCreation Cream — 35 770 RUB.;
  • SeaCreation Rich cream — 38 920 RUB.;
  • SeaCreation the eye Cream — 14 200 rubles;
  • SeaCreation the Serum — 18 410 rubles;
  • SeaCreation facial Mask — 15 250 RUB.

On sale from February 25 at the official website.

Nastya: All editorial mocks my love of anti-aging creams that I use since 20 years. But I don’t believe that the cream can actually eliminate the ptosis or something like that. But that moisturize nourish dry skin anti-aging products better than usual, I have no doubt. But there is also the Bank some.

Jan: Our answer to La Mer, not otherwise. I will try, thank God, me too late to be ironic in this sense:)

Concealer The Concealer Overachiever, Huda Beauty

We arrived to Russia the first concealer Huda Beauty — The Overachiever Concealer. The third composition is pure pigment, so the tool should mask out everything: dark circles, pigmentation and redness. But it promises not to dry and not be noticeable on the skin.

Presented in eighteen shades, from white to black.

Price: 2430 RUB

Already on sale in Sephora.

Masha: Oh, very interesting! Julia tried about a couple of tons of concealers and now featured 50 degrees of coverage. But all of a sudden this 51?)

Julia: Give me two!

The Pressed Pigments Are Multi-Chromes, Chaos Makeup

Chaos Makeup — brand that produced the famous rainbow highlighter in shell. Pressed Multi-Chromes no less integrally. You can look at it, if not forever, then certainly for longer than fire and water.

Other shades in Instagram brand.


On sale from March 6, is open for pre-order on the official website.

Nastya: this is nichegoshenki!!! I have all the.

Masha: Oh, boy-kitties!!

Flavors Floraiku

Recently, Clara and John Molloy unveiled a new brand of Hermetica, which Ian considers perfume breakthrough. And again — another brand from them. Floraiku inspired by Japanese culture and poetry. And each flavor corresponds to a haiku.

Aromas are divided into three collections. Collection “About cha” dedicated to the art of brewing tea.

Collection “Ikebana” — Eastern colors.

Collection of “Kodo” — incense.

Besides the three collections of the brand there are two basic flavors: light and dark. The first one makes any fragrance warmer, the second adds a woody sound.

Price: 27 300 RUB.

Already on sale in stores and on the website of the Molecule.

Nastya: Absolute indifferent to Japan, but, while writing this material, have experienced an active salivation. Like everything: the pyramids, the packaging is awesome. Well the price is just not very good.

Masha: Klara and John’s inexhaustible stream of fancy perfume and surprisingly empathetic vision of how to make aroma hot. Want to be able to. And those also want.

Line for hair Color Ainoa Defence, Cutrin

In line Ainoa had the tools for hair:

  • Shampoo Ainoa Color Defence Shampoo — 835 RUB.;
  • Air conditioning Ainoa Color defense Conditioner — 855 RUB.

To prevent washout colors (oil seeds Northern cranberry), to smooth and add Shine (seed oil of sea buckthorn, cloudberry and blueberry).

Already on sale in the “Rive Gauche”.

Julia: surprisingly cool shampoo. I’m usually completely indifferent to the lines for color treated hair and tried this on duty. But not in vain! After shampoo the hair smooth and crumbling like after conditioning. And the scalp well washed. In General, it seems that my favorites will have to move.

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