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And also: shadows Urban Decay for those who are always on the go, line for sensitive skin Kiehl’s mask with tea mushroom Origins and the scent of roses Maison Christian Dior.

Foundation L’essentiel, Guerlain

Tone L’essentiel — in fact, a full serum. At least we are promised that it will moisturize, protect from blue light (cocoa seed extract), feed (seaweed extract) and strengthen the skin barrier (probiotics and prebiotics).

In addition, L’essentiel needs to keep the face a minimum of 16 hours. The coating may be layered from light to medium.

For the design of the bottle is Mathieu answered the Leanna, who has collaborated with Veuve Clicquot, Nestle, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Sony, Nike, Hennessy. And he is engaged in architecture and interiors and does this:

L’essentiel released in eighteen shades with warm, neutral and cool undertone.

Price: 3900 RUB.

On sale in January.

Anastasia: still not seen any really persistent tones with a medium level of coverage. So this waiting is very. Moreover, in General, believe in the Foundation and Guerlain, for example, Tenue De Perfection faithfully love since its release, that is, for six years as.

Jan: Saw L’essentiel in October at the TFWA exhibition in Cannes, but then all of us persistently asked to sign a confidentiality clause:) Upon first impression I liked very much. The texture is comfortable. Bottle — bonkers (but, Guerlain is known to often collaborates with designers and jewellers, they are good at it). We will do extensive testing of this tone and find out whether he has such an outstanding body capacity and excellent durability.

Palette On the Run Mini, Urban Decay

Compact palettes are created On the Run under the motto “for those who are in the way.” On the Run and do a tiny Mini — 12 cm, less than usual IPhone10. Palette released in three color combinations, each with eight shades with a matte and metallic finish. (Some, however, came in different variations, but there are newcomers).

Like all Urban Decay shadows, On the Run promise to give good color and not to crumble.

Price: 2390 RUB.

Already available on the official website.

Nastya: I do Not remember at Urban Decay or some unfortunate shadows. And here the colors are cool.

Jan: On the Run — it’s me, it’s about me! That I never have enough space in your suitcase, I travel with the ship to the ball and back, I desperately needed a Shortcut… or Bailout? And actually, let’s all sort it out.

Lip gloss Varnish Versicolour, MAC

MAC updated the formula of the gloss Varnish Versicolour. It should be brighter, brilliant and resistant. If you believe the promos, it’s true: the lip cover looks like a super glossy jam.

Presented in 14 shades.

Price: 1850 RUB.

Already on sale in stores and online at MAC.

Nastya: I’ve been waiting when someone will actually resistant glossy lipstick. Maybe that’s it?

Masha: super glossy, Yes. I want to believe that still not superlame.

Line for sensitive skin Centella Sensitive, Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s updated the formula products for sensitive skin Centella Sensitive.

  • Cleanser Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser — gently cleanses and soothes (extract of Centella).
  • CEC cream Centella Sensitive Cica-Cream — restores, moisturizes and heals (Centella extract, d-panthenol), suitable for around the eye area, can be used after cosmetic procedures.

Prices: cleanser — 2380 RUB, cream — 3200 RUB

Already on sale in stores and online at Kiehl’s.

Masha: Gentle cleansing in the winter — just what the doctor ordered. Therefore, Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser I have tried.

Cleansing facial mask Ginger Kombucha Skin Balancing SuperTea Mask, Origins

“Kombucha” sounds exotic and even funny, but, really, it’s just Kombucha from our childhood. The extract of this fungus (along with a ginger extract) to nourish and restore the skin. Also, the mask promises to tone (essential oils of bergamot, cloves), clean up and regulate the production of sebum (yellow clay).

Price: 1950 RUB.

Already available on the official website.

Jan: According to the description the mask is designed for oily skin, and all, who she is, I would advise you to try. At least one of my American friend (in America, it seems, the mask has started earlier) for a month singing her praises.

The Aroma Of The Rose Kabuki, Maison Christian Dior

Kabuki Rose is the third fragrance with rose in the collection of the Maison Christian Dior — the most recent and easiest. François Demachy, Dior perfumer-Creator lead, inspired by Asia, and wanted Rose Kabuki resembled “a flawless complexion artists, Japanese Kabuki theater”.

Composition: rose, musk, black currant.

Price: 14900 RUB./150 ml.

Already on sale in the Dior corner in Gum.

Jana: a Good rose for those who rose loves, and loves, for example, black currants and the leaves:) Like me.

Mascara Mascara FetishEyes, Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath announced on Instagram the first mascara of its own brand, and, as usual, made a success. Chip FetishEyes Mascara — not to “tweak-split-extending”, but in order to make you look like Twiggy. If not in the waist area, at least in the region of the eyelashes:)

Pat has managed to work this mascara on the shows:

Price: 28$.

Sale starts on 2 February on the official website.

Anastasia: the Effect on the fan, but I’m such a fan is. Looks very cool!

Masha: Oh, I’m not a fan of eyelashes and Twiggy wore never. But since Pat has released a mascara, but now, of course, really want to try.

PS. Yes, you read that right. With the New year we are slightly changing the format of the rubric “Novelties” and are planning to include reviews of not only what appears in Russian stores, but also the fact that there may not be insignificant, but is of interest to bucholic all countries. I hope that this infa — “shared development”, not to “buy immediately” you will also be useful. We are right?:)

New items: the first mascara Pat McGrath and promising Foundation Guerlain

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