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News instagram channel trendmood this Tuesday (September 11, 2018) treacherously revealed perhaps the sweet new autumn 2018. The ice cream Museum, located in new York and the brand Sephora have created a joint collection of decorative cosmetics and accessories .

In the collection connected to the best of both worlds: all the sweetness and brightness of ice cream and years of experience in the field of beauty Sephora Collection’s.

The collection argue that collaboration is another tool more and more revealing the creative side of their clients.

The collection will be available for a limited time at the official website sephora.com and the start of sales will begin on September 19 (according to other sources 20 Sep).

Let’s take a closer look at what is included in this collection.

And the first product — brush set with multi-colored sprinkles for morzhennoe in the handle ($64) the set includes 5 brushes and a box/bag for their subsequent storage.The design of the kit creators vdohnovil pool with dressing at the Museum of ice cream.

Sprinkle Pool Brush Set
The object of inspiration sprinkle pool

Go ahead.

Lip gloss “Let Them Eat Popsicles Lip Set” in the shape of a Popsicle (($34), Four scented lip gloss with a natural glossy finish. Swatch and description of flavors of this lip product, the creators kept secret.

Let Them Eat Popsicles Lip SetLet Them Eat Popsicles Lip Set

Product for lips ($42) — PPalette with 12 matte shades and timername(I think when applying them wet will leave a metallic), and previous product in the form of a Popsicle.

Dream Team Pigment Palette

Another product for the face, blush, highlighter and bronzer ($36)all included in a beautiful, bright pink waffle.

Sugar Wafer Face Palette

What follows is a very interesting accessory and as the manufacturer says “For when You want to Express yourself with your own eyes” — false eyelashes “rainbow sherbet”to attach at the base of bright feathers ($18).

Rainbow Sherbert Lashes

Well on the final. The product is an accessory that is straight reminds me of my childhood and here it I even made an attempt to purchase the Bracelet with charms ($28) “cute and functional”Three charm filled with products that can be used as gloss and blush.

Charm Bracelet I SCREAMI SCREAM Charm Bracelet

Here’s a bright and tasty new collaboration will bring us in the middle of September 2018. As much as I wanted waffles until all are reviewed and described

As I wrote, Swatch and the part of the manufacturer has been kept secret and we have to wait for the first video and the posts of foreign and Russian bloggers about the quality of the products but I think the quality will be decent

Call me Warm Raccoon do not throw Slippers I’m writing for the first time.

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