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Engineers have created a special video projector, which will help save the children’s vision when watching cartoons and programs.

With the new projector, the video can be played on absolutely any surface: wall, ceiling, the back of the chair or seat of the car and the plane. In General, children can watch cartoons even in the most awkward place, the opinions of adults.

Fourth, the device will already be configured subscription children’s channels, – said the developers. – Our innovative technology is a glowing cube. It is harmless and is equipped with motion sensors: if the child looks inside, the sight will not deteriorate. In the light of the projector no blue spectrum present in smartphones, making it safer everyday modern technology.

According to statistics, over 90% of children see adult films, which is forbidden to look to five years. This is due to the fact that they are uncontrolled find online information not intended for kids their age. In the new access technologies like video no. In the gadget you can also put your own information: pictures, audio, videos, books, tutorials and stuff. In addition, the projector will help to make a home theater of shadows for the child.

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