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And, photogenic mask, L’occitane, budget ampoules for the face of L’oreal Paris matte lipstick Guerlain in a beautiful box, fragrances Perfume.Sucks with a cool concept, and Korean cosmetics in Pandao.

Lipstick Matte Rouge De Guerlain, Guerlain

In the line Rouge G lipsticks have a matte finish. They should be tightly lay with the first layer, and hold fast (due to high concentration of pigment). Answer for moisturizing hyaluronic acid and oil of black cumin.

Presented in 12 new shades.

The case for these lipsticks still sold separately. Here are eight new options:

Price: lipstick — 2397 RUB, box — 1632 RUB lipstick + case — 4029 RUB.

Now available in “L’etoile”.

Anastasia: When I overcame the Rouge G cases, I have a question “why?”. Look, maybe elegant, but not for everybody, and it’s extra 50 grams. in the purse! And the backpack is so heavy. But the Guerlain lipstick I usually like. So I will try.

Jan: And I like it:) And because of the fact that it is not too practical, and generally pure foolishness — like especially. Well, the mirror in the case — if anything, it is possible not to carry a powder compact or palette to see what you got with the lips. And, most importantly, — #mylabelstyle. Here, I suspect, could spark discussion: “what are we paying for the packaging or essence,” but I have to admit that they are ready to pay for packaging. And the essence, in my opinion, if you are not overly picky, all normal lipsticks more or less the same.

Maybe it’s just that I’m often in the car, and my backpack 50 oz. — not critical?.. (Chesslo, no boast, just a statement.)

Line of masks for the face L’occitane

In line three masks and one scrub. The basis of all the extracts of Mediterranean plants.

  • Fruit scrub Radiance Scrub — exfoliates and brightens (extract pomelo).

  • Face mask Soothing Mask — soothing.

  • Face mask Pyrifying Mask — purifies and matifies (kaolin), evens skin tone and relief (salicylic and citric acid).

  • Mineral facial mask Aqua Retier Hydretion Intence — hydrate (mineral water, hyaluronic acid), radiance, tightens pores.

Prices: Aqua Retier Hydretion Intence — 3400 rubles, and the rest — 3200 rubles., the travel version (6 ml) — 420 RUB.

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