Novelties of the week: Givenchy lipstick that lasts a day, and cleansing do-it-yourself Drunk Elephant

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Plus: new exclusive aroma line of Chanel, radiant and matte shade of Dolce&Gabbana, shiny things Glossier Play, shampoo for oily scalp Uriage and anti-aging creams Shiseido.

Cream shadow pencil Intenseyes Creamy Eyeshadow Stick, Dolce&Gabbana Beauty

The shade needs to be applied easily even with a brush, a finger and an elementary rastushevyvaet, eye makeup ready. A lot of pigment, so bright color should be obtained with one layer. During application, the creamy texture transformirovalsya in powdery. The stated resistance is 11 hours.

Presented in 12 shades with matte and pearl finish.

Price: 2780 RUB

Already on sale in TsUMe.

Masha: don’t develop my relationship with cream shadows, but these are so beautiful! Is it possible to pass?

Tint for lips Encre Interdite, Givenchy

Promised almost incredible: tint needs to stay 24 hours, but not felt on the lips, not pull them and do not dry. Presented in eight shades.

Price: 2599 RUB.

Now available in “L’etoile”.

Masha: I Love the formula! Am waiting to test)

Nastya: 24 hours?! Wrap!

Skin care Lancaster Skin

Creams and serums Lancaster Skin already sold in Russia some time ago, then it was withdrawn, and is now back with updated lines and a wide Arsenal of cleansers for every taste. Premiere of the novelties we are now going along with the rest of Europe.

We look at four main categories:

  • Purification: foams, tonics, means for removing makeup.
  • Line Skin Life: cleanser, face cream and eye. Evens the tone, and protect from the effects of blue light and the environment. Recommended for use from 20-25 years.
  • Anti-aging Skin Repair line 365: day and night creams, serum, care eye. Restore and protect. Recommended from 35 years.
  • Anti-aging line of Total Age Correction: day and night creams, serum, care eye. Align the tone, radiance, wrinkle fighting, and discoloration, nourish. From 45 years.

Prices: from 1600 to 7500 RUB.

Already on sale in Sephora.

Yana Took the other day an interview with the Vice-President for scientific development Lancaster Olivier Dose. Seemed very competent and honest. Working in Marche 25 years. Knows all the ropes. Dust in the eyes will not let me, about the Golden unicorns says. But it is clear and explains clearly why, for example, the Lancaster creams with retinol can be used even by people with even very sensitive skin. And no, not necessarily apply on face sun protection two-layer, to make it work. Ah! And he said that all of their cleansers are by default not pinch the eyes. But something concrete that is designed to remove makeup from the eyes, should be used only in the case of mascara water-proof. In General, I’m impressed, really. Wait for an interview. And — spoiler — it’s not all beauty new items Lancaster, some coming soon, they, too, wow.

Cream Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, Shiseido

Benefiance anti-aging products — one of the best sellers Shiseido. Now in line there are three new cream. They have to protect cells from oxidation (extract of Angelica kaskovo), elasticity and fight wrinkles (the extracts of green, brown and red algae), to prevent the destruction of collagen fibers (extracts soap tree, turmeric and Chlorella).

The creams differ in texture and SPF:

  • Cream Wrinkle Smoothing Cream — for normal or combination skin.
  • Nourishing cream Enriched Wrinkle Smoothing Cream — for dry and normal.
  • Day cream Wrinkle Smoothing Day Cream — sun protection factor — SPF of 25.

Price any: 6900 RUB.

Ian: Benefiance as many loyal fans, what they like and do not need my approval:) But if anything, I think this is one of the really work lines. Who is in search of — look.

On sale in April.

Cleansing balm Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser, Drunk Elephant

Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser — a tool with the trending concept of “do it yourself”. In a large jar of cleansing balm. It works like a hydrophilic oil and must remove any makeup, including waterproof and sunscreen.

In a small bottle exfoliating granules Bamboo Booster. They are recommended to add to the balm a couple times a week for a deeper cleanse. But in this case, the balm can be applied to the area around the eyes.

Price: 29 £.

Already available on CultBeauty.

Brand of decorative cosmetics Glossier Play

Emily Weiss, founder of the brand Glossier, launched her sister – Glossier Play. If the older more about natural makeup, the younger — about the color, the sequins and bright lights.

While in the range of 4 means:

Pencil Colorslidе — 14 matte and shiny shades (15$).

Lac lip Lip Vinylic in 6 colors (16$).

Highlighter Niteshine in four shades (20$).

Glitter Glitter Gelée in 4 colors. (14$).

Already available on the official website (shipping to Russia via an intermediary).

Fragrance Les Exclusifs de Chanel in 1957 Chanel

The fragrance is dedicated to the success of Gabrielle Chanel in America. In 1914 she sold their hats to the new York Department stores, in 1924, the Americans began to buy fragrance N5, in 1926 American Vogue admired the little black dress.

And in 1957 in the US it was called the most influential designer of the twentieth century.

In this figure, signed extra characters: 19 th — birthday Gabrielle Chanel, 57th street number where is the biggest Chanel boutique in the United States.


  • top notes: pink pepper, coriander, white musk, bergamot and aldehydes;
  • middle notes: orange blossom, white musk and Jasmine;
  • base notes: vanilla, honey, white musk, white cedar, cashmeran and iris.

Price: 13 190 RUB.

Already on sale in the perfume and cosmetic boutiques Chanel.

Masha: it’s not Often I sink into the soul of the Chanel fragrances, even “exclusives” — apparently we are in different planes. But in 1957, all the notes that I usually like: cedar, iris, orange blossom and pink pepper at the top.

Jan: 1957 Finally got to us. Generally, it’s on sale at the end of last year, but only in the States, is to emphasize the historical Parallels. Perfumer Olivier Polge tried to pass the “multi musk” — white and changeable-deceptive, like pearls. In my opinion, — get: 1957 sometimes transparent, sometimes dense, matte, shining mother of pearl. And all sounds different, with varying intensity, though always noble. Train sounds long, but quietly, we need to listen. If you approach the spirits with a utilitarian point of view, “and Lope is kept?”, — you may be too lazy to listen. If you wear them for yourself, not to show off antillectual — rate 1957 for neat fit and perfect fit.

Shampoos for oily scalp Hair DS, Uriage

In line for oily scalp Hair DS there are three new shampoo. They need to fight inflammation and irritation, to provide an antifungal effect and soothe itching of the skin (piroctone olamine), to soothe and to heal (thermal water).

  • Soft balancing shampoo Soft Balancing Shampoo — restores balance (Edelweiss extract), smoothes and gives Shine — 990 RUB.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo — fights fungus Malassezia Furfur (lactate of zinc), restores (Edelweiss extract) — 990 RUB.
  • Kertonegoro shampoo Kerato Reducing Treatment Shampoo — fights fungus Malassezia Furfur (zinc lactate) and peeling (salicilova acid) — 950 RUB.

Already available on the official website.


Novelties of the week: Givenchy lipstick that lasts a day, and cleansing do-it-yourself Drunk Elephant

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Victor Zinchenko

Hello! My name is Victoria Zinchenko. I am 27. I love to travel, makeup and spend time with benefits. Also interested in music, teaching, foreign languages. I take notes, write on different beauty topics and share my experience.

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