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And also: another cream egg Chanel, Burberry berry flavor, anti-aging line moisturizer and a lot of hair care products Cutrin.

Airwrap Styler and dryer with gold plated Supersonic, Dyson

Styler Airwrap, Dyson

Airwrap have to style your hair almost without your participation. He does this by cleverly designed air flows, which themselves draw curls to the Styler.

But the main feature in a friend: Airwrap styles hair without extreme heat (like the classic Curling irons or straightening irons), and with the help of the air in the process of drying.

The Styler has developed a 230 engineers Dyson and spent 6 years and $ 24 million. In the process they created a prototype and 624 received 103 of the patent. Hard to ensure that the air flow is directed to the hair where it is needed, the specialists in aerodynamics.

Using the Airwrap is possible to straighten hair, create curls or light waves. There are six types of nozzles:

Styler sold in three trim levels for different hair types. The difference in the quantity of nozzles:

Price: set for all hair types — 38 990 rubles, sets for thick and thin hair — 36 990 rubles.

Already available on the official website and store Dyson GUM.

Hairdryer with gold plated Supersonic, Dyson

Pro hair dryer Supersonic we wrote repeatedly (1, 2, 3), and what’s there to hide, quite enthusiastically. Jan Z. even conducted a report from the headquarters of the Dyson.

Features of the new dryer has remained the same: he promises to dry quickly, be quiet, not to spoil the hair and help to manage without styling products. The nozzle — magnetic.

Unlike previous versions — gold-plated (23.75 carats). Dyson has hired for plating (!), who taught engineers the technique of precious metal. The hue and degree of gloss was also targeted and found any in Florence.

Price: 39 990 rubles.

In the sale on the official website and monobrand stores Dyson.

Lena: I Have. No. Words. Watched all videos on YouTube about this Styler and seems to be decided on the day of birth.

Julia: Damn. I just got a haircut!

Olga: Oh my God, the gold plating! Curler with attachments! Give-give-give rather two!

Matte mousse for the lips Lo-Fi Lip Mousse, Urban Decay

Lo-Fi Lip Mousse needs to replace several of the lipsticks in the cosmetic products: mousse texture allows you to vary the density of the coating. If you lightly touch the lips with your fingers — it will effect polstersessel Tinta, if applied with a brush — a dense matte finish.

The formula is water-resistant. There are eight shades:

Price: 1600 RUB.

Already available on the official website.

Lena: the Texture was interested in, and the shades are very. Boring somehow, no? But of course we need to watch live.

Anastasia: I Agree with Lena, the hints of something not fire. But I don’t remember the bad lipsticks from UD, so that the first two colors I will try.

Julia: Well, at least interesting packaging! Though most likely it is).

Olga: believe it or Not, I didn’t have any lipstick Urban Decay. Saying this replaces several? Then just want!

Hand cream La Creme Main Texture Rich, Chanel

The first hand cream Gabrielle Chanel was created in 1927, and the 2017th out his modern version of La Creme Main. Yana and Lena, by the way, I think its perfect.

The packaging of the new La Creme Rich Main Texture remains the same tactile egg, well or gravel. And the texture has changed: it has become more saturated. The cream promises to nourish, protect and retain moisture (wax may rose), lighten (iris extract).

Price: 4070 RUB

Already in the market.

Lena: in Short, if you haven’t tried it, I recommend. Very.

Julia: the case when the form factor is the key to success.

Anti-aging line Nordic Ageless, Lumene

Funds Nordic Ageless needs to fight wrinkles and give radiance. In composition, plant stem cells, cranberries, cloudberries fermented, and the Heather and Arctic spring water. The line includes:

  • Extruded Nordic Ageless serum Radiant Youth Serum Pressed — serum of an unusual texture: like rich cream. In contact with the skin turns into, in fact, the serum. (3870 RUB).
  • Day cream Nordic Ageles Radiant Youth SPF30 Day Cream — absorbs quickly, evens skin tone, moisturizes, protects against UVA and UVB rays (3655 RUB).
  • Cream for the skin around the eyes Nordic Ageles Radiant Youth Eye Cream — nourishes, moisturizes, fights against dark circles and edema (2885 RUB).

Already in the market.

Julia: Here the fans still Lumene needs to happen broken heart because of the prices. Extruded serum for almost 4000 rubles — a bold move for the brand. Did the line — will tell our Olya when you get the bug.

The Scent Of Her, Burberry

Creator of the fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian. His portfolio includes fragrances for Dior, Guerlain, Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo perfume and own brand Maison Francis Kurkdjian. According to the perfumer, if you ever try Her, remember the scent forever. Francis was inspired by London, which is understandable for an advertising campaign with Cara Delevingne.

The fragrance:

  • top notes: red and dark berries, black currants, blueberries and raspberries;
  • middle notes: Jasmine and violet;
  • base notes: dry amber and musk.

In support of the aroma released in a bath line-shower gel, body lotion, deodorant.


  • eau de Parfum — 5999 RUB./ 30 ml., 8250 RUB./ 50 ml., 11 900 RUB/ 100 RUB.;
  • shower gel — 3700 RUB.;
  • body lotion — 4150 RUB.;
  • deodorant — 3550 RUB

On sale from 15 October in stores and online at Macy’s.

Lena: don’t add up for me with the flavors of Burberry. Maybe Kurkjian to convince me that I’m wrong?

Olga: And I have one of my favorite fragrances — Burberry Tender. Waiting for new interest — that there is Kurkdjian voodoo?

Line of hair Ainoa, Cutrin

Line Cutrin Ainoa is huge, and there must be funds for all types of hair. Key ingredients — extracts and oil of the berries, and they are all tested in extreme conditions of the North, whatever that means:)

In line Ainoa 6 groups of funds:

  • Defence Body Strength Vitality shampoo and conditioner strengthen.
  • Defence Strength Hydration Recovery: shampoo, conditioner, mask, spray moisturize and nourish.
  • Strength Defence Nutri Repair: shampoo, conditioner, mask — restore.
  • Color Boost: shampoo, conditioner — to preserve color-treated hair and add Shine.
  • Volume Boost: shampoo, conditioner — add volume.
  • Urban Escape: shampoo — deeply cleanses.

Prices: from 410 RUB (shampoo 100 ml.) until 1950 RUB(1 l air).

Already on sale in shops “Rive Gauche” and salons partner.

Julia: Cutrin — profbrend hair the same Finnish company that produces Lumene. Ainoa is a very important for the brand relaunch. We have a sample of three jars — rate, will tell.

Novelties of the week: mousse for lips Urban Decay and Styler Dyson, who himself curl hair

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