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And also: a collection of eye makeup Chanel shining pieces Givenchy, home peels Dermalogica and home fragrance with iris Dr. Vranjes.

A collection of eye makeup Eyes Collection in 2018, Chanel

Inspiration for Eyes Collection 2018 Lucia Peak drew in the night, or rather in the play of light and darkness after sunset.

The collection includes:

  • Shadow-Ombre Et crayon Stylo Contour — can be distributed around the movable century, but the pointed stylus should be also convenient to draw a contour. The size waterproof. There are four shades (2399 RUB).
  • Eyeshadow palette Les 4 Ombres — shades can be worn solo or layering one another. Two color combination (4149 RUB.):
  • Powder eyeshadow Ombre Premiere is available in two shades (2499 rubles).
  • Cream eyeshadow Ombre Premiere — also in two shades (2499 rubles).
  • Resistant base under shadow Ombres A La Base Paupieres — smoothes the surface of the eyelid, fills fine lines, enhances the brightness of shadows (2399 RUB).

Already in the market.

Nastya: Beautiful colors! Torn between all blue-green.

Masha: I want to look at the palette with a green tint. Something tells me that this is what shade I was not)

Lena: you are what You want, and I will fight for the swamp cream shadow and PPE odnushki Bleu Selene) And warned that a whole month is not missed strength training:P

Shining base for the face Teint Couture compact Drop Radiant and shining powder Shimmer Powder Teint Couture, Givenchy

In the permanent collection of Givenchy appeared two tools-window.

Shining base for the face Teint Couture Radiant Drop, Givenchy

Teint Couture Radiant Drop promises space and at the same time a natural dewy glow. You can use as a base all over the face as a highlighter or mixed with Foundation. Art Director of Givenchy, Nicolas Degen advised to add a drop of Teint Couture Drop in Radiant day cream.

Available in two shades: pink and gold.

Price: 3349 RUB.

Compact radiant powder for the face Teint Couture Shimmer Powder, Givenchy

In Teint Couture Shimmer Powder no talc, so the powder should blend with the skin. The degree of Shine can be varied: with a fluffy brush – light, fingers — intensive. As the base for the face, released in a pink and gold hue.

Price: 2949 RUB.

Already in the market.

Nastya: I Love liquid silky, often mixed with Foundation. Going to do about them in a separate review, I think Teint Couture Radiant Drop there will too.

Masha: And I like dry military. These even and the pattern is stunning — you can not paint, just to admire.

Ampoule for the face Super Ampoules, 3Lab

We have recently reported that serum Chanel is like an airplane wing. I take it back. Serum Chanel is now very low. Because Super ampoules Ampoules are nearly a hundred thousand roubles. A very appropriate name — “Super Ampoules”.

In the set – 4 bottles with powder concentrate and whey activator. Before using them you need to mix and shake well. Each ampoule is designed for a week of use.

Month course promises to correct wrinkles that previously can be removed only with the help of injections and lasers. Active ingredients:

  • peptide Renaissance — restores and replenishes;
  • fitostvolovye cells PhytocellTec Symphytum comfrey — stimulates the fibroblasts;
  • extract tropical fruit Exfo-Bio — exfoliates;
  • vitamin C derived from Australian plum, Superox C — brightens and evens skin tone;
  • extract Korean plants of Jeju Jeju Jori — radiance;
  • Melavoid — brightens and fights pigmentation;
  • Niacinamide — evens tone and texture of skin, fights wrinkles.

Price: 98 220 RUB.

Already on sale in TSUM, DLT, Articoli, flagship stores of “Ile De Beaute”, “Rive Gauche” and “Golden Apple”.

Lena: Fitostvolovye cells comfrey just to be superheroes, because for the same money you can do three treatments of the Picosure laser.

Jan Z.: be Sure that the tool works. Just because I know the owners and developers of formulas 3LAB and I understand that garbage they released. I’m sure also that lasers and injections work, at least, clearer and faster, and which they so afraid of, I don’t understand. After all, not surgery, not anesthesia, not the horror, the horror. On the other hand, once a month yuzala tool 120 Tr La Mer — very much noticed the effect. But if you are willing to shell out the hundred for 4 vials, undermining another 5 months (on ice cream, for example?:) — go for SPRS. And trust me, I know whereof I speak.

Brush for cleansing the face fofo Luna, Foreo

Luna Fofo — the world’s first beauty gadget with artificial intelligence. Brush collects data on the condition of the skin with gold sensors and transmits them to the mobile app. There this information is processed, and the device automatically sets the frequency, power surges and the duration of washing. Data on the condition of the skin it is recommended to update every 2 weeks or when changing the climate.

Luna fofo presented in 7 colors: pink, bright blue, fuchsia, matte black, mint, purple and yellow.

Price: 7999 RUB.

Already in the market.

Nastya: I’m not a fan of cleansing brushes — I’m lazy. But look at this — her eyes! And handles! Solid mimimi that want to put on the sink.

Lena: What are the parameters of the skin reads a gadget that I can’t see them in the mirror? And then, maybe, niiskuskindel intelligence is not worse?:)

I’d conducted an experiment: put the power – the one that you think is right – by hand, and then offered to do the same gadget, and compared how we differ in the readings. I suspect the conclusion is known in advance: if you (that is me:) no Foreo, better to get a newer model. (Fofo – funny. In tune with the toy Ferby Lulu.) Happy owners of classic or mini-brush, probably, can pass.

Jan Z.: #extralegal

The Reveal Rapid Exfoliation Peel, Dermalogica

Rapid Reveal Peel — the most powerful Dermalogica exfoliant that you can use at home. Peeling promises to otshelushivaet and fight wrinkles (the complex of alpha hydroxy acids) even skin tone (vegetable enzymes), and give light (extract finger lime).

In a set of 10 tubes. The peeling should be repeated for three consecutive days, then once a week to maintain results. Make-up bag with suction cups can be mounted in the bathroom, not to forget about the cleansing.

Price: 7400 RUB.

On sale from October on the official website and salons partner.

Nastya: I Like things that promise salon effect in the comfort of home. So interesting.

Jan Z: to Fix in the bathroom the makeup for sucker — test. Need next also a sucker for brains and attention, but we’re working on it:)

Home fragrance Giglio di Firenze, Dr. Vranjes

Paolo Vranjes founded the brand Dr. Vranjes in Florence in 1983. He always wanted fragrances for the house was similar to the perfumes, not air fresheners.

The name of the fragrance Giglio di Firenze translates as “Lily of Florence” the historical name of Tuscan iris. The flower was chosen as the symbol of the city at its base.

The fragrance:

  • top notes: bergamot, Russian cardamom, lavender;
  • heart notes: iris, geranium, nutmeg;
  • base notes: cedar, sandal, patchouli, vanilla, labdanum.

Price: 6610 RUB./ 250 ml., 11 270 RUB./ 500 ml.

Already on sale in TsUMe.

Lena: three Years ago came to the Studio to our catty stylist Anastasia Maltseva – and, my God – what was that flavor! I like the Perfumer, and sought the eyes of the source of the smell. Diptyque candle – not it. Another candle — is not it. Oh, that’s just the diffuser Dr. Vranjles Ross Nobile! Photographed, not to forget the name.

Dr. Vranjles a wide range of complex, beautiful, well-cut flavors. In addition, they are chip – sticks, which are inserted into the diffuser. Unlike Jo Malone, sticks long. Thirty-something centimeters. So the smell fills more than one room, and almost the whole apartment. My insensitive nose (very quiet perfumed candles I can’t smell you) always captures it.

Iris Giglio di Firenze turns a home into a castle, which for six centuries. Vintage stained glass, stone, echo, cool. Right up to the ants))

Novelties of the week: serum 3Lab for 100 thousand and the smart brush Foreo

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