Novelties of the week: space collection L’etoile Selection and mask-primer Shu Uemura

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And also: hilitary YSL Beauty, serum from all and for all Naobay, Japanese cleansing Dove, means Kontier with the scent of tuberose and Thalion anti-aging line.

Limited collection Dark Wonder, L’etoile Selection

Dark Wonder, according to the release, immersed in virtual reality due to the unusual colours and textures of funds. The collection includes:

  • Foundation Aqua Marble Nude Perfecting Base SPF 50 — promises to even skin tone to give a glow, moisturize and be invisible. The only shade should fit all. (1299 RUB).

  • Stick to Straubing Bomb Strobing Glow Stick — suitable for eyes (hmm?), face and body should create the effect of a dewy glow (dewy glow), available in two shades (799 rubles).
  • Lip gloss Holographic Lip Gloss creates a thick shiny coating that does not spread (799 rubles).

  • Pencil lip gloss Stellar Lights Holographic Lip Gloss Pencil — increases lip volume due to holographic particles, easy to apply and blends, available in two shades (499 RUB).
  • Matte eyeliner Rollerblade Long-Lasting Roller Eyeliner — easy to apply due to the applicator-roller, does not tarnish and is not printed during the day. Available in three shades: black, Burgundy and blue (599 rubles).

  • Nail Polish Nail Polish is composed of tiny glitter that promises to stay for a long time without chipping (399 RUB.).

Already on sale in stores and online at Macy’s.

Nastya: Eyeliner and nail Polish I’m gonna miss it, but the lip interesnenkoe. These look great and solo, and as a top on a dark lipstick. Ah, and military, where without them.

Masha: I like lucky! If they live the same shimmering, want)

Cleansing tool Anti/Oxi+ Cleansing Oil In Water and the Mask-primer All In One Minute Mask, Shu Uemura

Cleansing tool Anti/Oxi+ In Water Cleansing Oil, Shu Uemura

Anti/Oxi+ Cleansing Oil In Water — the first of a two-phase liquid makeup remover, Shu Uemura, before in the brand’s range was only half a year.

In the composition four kinds of vegetable oils. They need to quickly dissolve any makeup, including waterproof mascara. 94% of women who participated in the study, it was confirmed.

In addition, the lightening of pigmentation (papaya extract), food (extact Moringa) and antioxidant (extract of Chlorella). Promises to remove all dirt, including particles PM2.5 — toxic micro-particles contained in urban air.

Price: 3500 RUB./290 ml., 1660./100 ml.

Mask-primer All In One Minute Mask, Shu Uemura

Mask is applied for one minute and works as a base under makeup. Promises to tighten pores and to smooth skin texture, regulate sebum production and increase the resistance of the Foundation (extract of Japanese rice).

Price: 3800 RUB./30 PCs.

On sale from mid-October on the official website, in malls and stores L’etoile (“European”, “atrium”, “Gallery”).

Anastasia: once upon a hydrophilic oil Shu Uemura was my favorite but then there was a lot more affordable, and I somehow forgot about it. But the means for removing makeup brand is definitely successful, so we are waiting.

Lena: Maybe I’m a fool, but I sincerely do not understand what chip fabric masks, and what time of day they need to be glued. Before makeup – no idea. Almost all leave on the skin a thick layer of serum, which, moreover, are not always properly absorbed. Before going to sleep – why? There are lots of different night means.

But it is a sensible idea: to prepare the skin to make a minute. And thank you for put in the packaging from the 30 masks. Buy one – well, where is the good?)

Masha: Oil for removing make from Shu bomber, worthy of an Oscar and a star on the walk of fame. I’m sure it’s new too super.

Blush Couture Blush and highlighter Couture Highlighter, YSL Beauty

According to YSL Beauty, a texture, did no one and never. It is called “powder filled with water”. Blush and highlighter should create a thin film that perfectly blends with the skin.

The blush Couture Blush — high pigment levels, but the brightness of the coating can be varied. All 10 shades:

Shimmers / highlighters two:

Price: 3500 RUB.

Available in autumn.

Anastasia: The darkest shade of blush is very cool, if it is well rastushevyvaet, you should look chicos.

Lena: Watch everything that makes Tom Pesho, no matter what Marche it worked:)

Julia: Need. In all.

Cleansing line Dove

The line was designed for the Japanese market and was only sold there. Sold well: every five minutes – one tool. So, the brand decided to expand the geography of sales.

  • Creamy mousse cleanser Facial Cleansing Mousse — gives a thick and dense foam of the “million bubbles”, which comes from the cleverly designed dispenser. Released three versions for different skin types:
    • Hydrating mousse for normal and prone to dry skin (vitamin E).
    • Matte mousse for oily and combination skin, tightens pores (witch hazel extract)
    • Caring mousse — for dry and dull skin, evens skin tone due to the fruit extracts.

  • Micellar water Micellar Cleansing Water — moisturizes and does not irritate.
    • Caring micellar water — for dry and dull skin.
    • Hydrating micellar water for normal and prone to dryness.

  • The cream-gel Facial Cleansing Foam is good foam, does not dry, but not recommended for make-up remover. Three types:
    • Moisturizing cream-gel for normal and inclined to dryness;
    • Caring cream gel for dry and dull skin;
    • Mattifying cream-gel for combination and greasy with enlarged pores.
  • Micellar gel oil makeup remover — removes stubborn makeup, suitable for any skin type.


  • cream mousse — 320 rubles;
  • micellar water — 236 roubles;
  • the cream-gel — 236 roubles;
  • the micellar gel — 236 RUB.

Lena: by the way, I still use micellar water Pupa. Like – all. Why not give a chance to the Dove?

Soothe Algolift, Thalion

Thalion has firmly cemented its status as the best professional body care. In use the purest water of the sea Iroise (environmental reserve, according to UNESCO) and algae. Traditionally, the hits of the brand was considered for body, and now the brand began to actively develop the category of face care.

Line Algolift working on turgor and skin texture. In the composition of 92-94% natural ingredients: marine extracts, oils and waxes. Presented two whey:

  • Face serum Hyaluron Serum Algolift-2 Correction Rides — relaxes muscles and fights wrinkles (Argireline peptide) — 10 100 RUB.
  • Firming serum for face Glow Serum Fermete Algolift Teint Lumineux — restores, evens the color and texture of the skin (vitamin C) — 10 100 RUB.

And four of cream:

  • Active face cream Active Algolift Creme 1Eres Rides — promises to correct first signs of aging-moisturize (hyaluronic acid) and to fight wrinkles (extracts of kelp and sea fennel) — 8100 RUB.
  • Cream Algolift Ultimate Creme Haute Correction Rides — should stimulate the production of collagen, fill in wrinkles (sea fennel extract) and to increase the elasticity (peptides) — 8700 RUB.
  • Firming cream for face Algolift Anti-gravity Crème Fermete Elasticite&Rebond — fights wrinkles and ptosis (glycoproteins SDI), increases the elasticity (collagen complex, extract of sea lettuce) — 9200 RUB.
  • Cream Algolift Architect Crème Nutri-Age Densite&Volume — restores the lipid layer, fills wrinkles and increases elasticity (Kombucha). The promised effect comparable fillers — 9360 RUB

Already on sale in showrooms and on the official website.

Lena: I Know that bison beauty journalism, familiar with the means Thalion, I think that it is better they don’t exist. (Our friend and stylist Anastasia Maltseva think the same way.) And I was stunned by the facts that I learned at the presentation. For example, only 80 boats are licensed to harvest seaweed in the Iroise sea. 60 of them belong to Thalion. (Most other brands do not have their own production of raw materials and purchase it. Thalion admit that they know where, who and what. So feel fine – the best:)

Other interesting facts will save for another post. I want to say that the Algolift Active cream Creme 1Eres Rides – bomb. Don’t know how I lived without it before.

Collection of hair and body Tuberose&Pink Pepper, Kontier

Alex Conte, favorite hairdresser Yulia and Yana Z., launched her line of hair care products in 2014. I stumbled on a limited edition bath collection Sicilian Mandarin, for which Yana and Lena fought in Corfu. (However, unequal:))

Funds are Tuberose&Pink Pepper promise to not smell worse.

The fragrance:

  • top notes: rose, iris, orange;
  • heart notes: tuberose, pink pepper;
  • notes train: musk, orange blossom.

In line two universal means:

  • Cleanser Hair&Body Wash Tuberose&Pink Pepper — moisturizes and nourishes (argan oil, Pro-vitamin B5), suitable for hair and body — 1000 RUB./100 ml., 2000./200 ml.
  • Moisturizing milk for face and body Daily Moisturiser Tuberose&Pink Pepper — again, moisturizes and nourishes. You can use it as a leave in treatment for hair — 1000 RUB./100 ml., 2300 RUB./200 ml.

Already available on the website and in the salon Kontier Moscow (Moscow, 1st kolobovsky lane, 18).

Lena: Tuberose. Tubero-of-oz. Guess who in this house edition loves her the most.

Of course, you might think that we praise money, because Alex is our friend. And probably think. Not going to persuade you. But Sicilian Mandarin pushed on my shelf Anne Semonin, La Ric and another five are worthy of funds. Mild cleansing, moisturizing is great. No film or stickiness. Two bottle replace four (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion).

Masha: I still remember the perfume the first shampoo Alex as the best of the best. For 4 years in BI I have met some of the most beautiful smells, but this one is magical. Ready to argue, Conte sold in his soul. And I sell.

Tuberose with pepper, too, was incredible. Light, delicate, soft and enveloping. Guys, it’s not perfume, but it is a full-fledged perfume. And great! I’m sure body quality here.

Recovery oil serum Oil Serum, Naobay

Naobay is a Spanish brand of natural and organic cosmetics. All vehicles have certificates Ecocept, FCS, PETA.

Recovery Oil Serum promises to do everything to nourish, moisturize, repair (oil of poppy seed, apricot oil ), to fight wrinkles, inflammation and even eczema (tangerine). Plus to restore the hydrolipidic balance, soothe, relieve redness and fight free radicals.

Price: 3100 RUB

Already on sale in the network “Golden Apple”.

Olga: in the Summer I’m not a fan of the products based on oil, but in the fall and winter — come to me my lovelies! Well-know this brand and this line. Love them dearly. I am sure that with the serum we can be friends.

Novelties of the week: space collection L'etoile Selection and mask-primer Shu Uemura

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Hello! My name is Victoria Zinchenko. I am 27. I love to travel, makeup and spend time with benefits. Also interested in music, teaching, foreign languages. I take notes, write on different beauty topics and share my experience.

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