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And a new Japanese brand with acids, the expansion of the line Weleda Skin Food, the scent of the planet Kobo Candles and all-in-one Dolce&Gabbana.

Japanese brand AHA

AHA — new for Russia, a Japanese brand. The main active ingredients, as the name implies — acid obtained from apples, citrus and cane. In the range of seven exfoliating:

  • AHA cleansing foam Sensitive — for dry and sensitive skin, evens skin tone and texture, clears pores (1420 rbl.).
  • Soap-facial peeling AHA Sensitive — for dry and sensitive skin, deep cleans, fights inflammation, moisturizing (hyaluronic and lactic acids), pores (Camellia extract), fights wrinkles (rice bran oil) — (1120 rbl.).
  • Gel is the only face AHA Sensitive — for dry and sensitive skin, exfoliates, clears pores, moisturize (hyaluronic acid) (1420 rbl.).
  • Organic scrub for face AHA Sensitive — for dry and sensitive skin, suitable for daily use, otshelushivaet and cleans the pores (1420 rbl.).
  • Soap-facial peeling AHA Basic — for normal and combination skin, exfoliates, cleanses pores, fights inflammation (1120 rbl.).
  • Lotion-facial peeling AHA Basic — for normal and combination skin, exfoliates, improves skin firmness (collagen) and restores (ceramide), soothes (spring water) (1420 rbl.).
  • Hydrophilic oil AHA Basic — for normal and combination skin, removes waterproof makeup, hydrates and nourishes (vitamin E, olive oil) (1420 rbl.).

Already on sale in the online store Japonica.

Nastya: I discovered acid recently, and I don’t know how I lived without them. These funds, I think, has to come to every day. Look at tonic and soap-peeling.

Masha: it is Interesting that most of the funds are designed for dry and sensitive skin. Apparently, AHA knows a lot about handling it. I would try the organic scrub and oil for removing make.

Universal nourishing cream Skin Food Light and lip balm by Skin Food Lip Butter, Weleda

Weleda expanded the line Skinfood. Now, in addition to classic, crisp Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream (which, by the way, Victoria Bechkam calls his mast-hawam) there is light cream and lip balm.

  • Universal nourishing Skin Food cream Light — hydrates, nourishes (almond oil), soothing (extracts of chamomile, violets, calendula).
  • Lip balm Skin Food Lip Butter — heals cracks (Angelica extract), protects and soothes (chamomile and calendula), protect (beeswax).

Price: Skin Food Light, 890, Skin Food Lip Butter — 520 RUB.

Already available on the official website.

Lena: For all normal people Weleda = natural and organic, and I have, to put it mildly, strange associative array))) Their funds stood in the studios of Pro fitness Coach, where I trained. Read Weleda – I hear “And how long have you went into the hall, darling?))” So give at least lip balm. Want, you know, to beef up for the new year.

Ian: I’m not Vicki Beckham, but also a Skin Food one of the most universal Museum of creams of all times and peoples. It is interesting, whether the same iconic new tools?

Makeup palette Sicilian Lace Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

The inspiration for the creation of this mosaic, as indeed for most collections, Dolce & Gabbana, was Sicily and its nature. And, apparently, made in the likeness of one of the lace dresses Monica Bellucci.

In the palette: 4 shades of eyeshadow, 2 shades of lipstick, blush and highlighter.

Price: 9950 RUB

Already on sale in TsUMe.

Masha: Sudovye shadow and red lipstick in a single case? Could see Julia with a happy rumbling drags myself this palette))

Lena: Voyage palettes Dolce&Gabbana is very cool. I had this with leopard print. Has traveled with me a bunch of different countries. The shadow — with the same great TX as the classic fours. Bright lipstick is creamy and glossy. Bright – tight semi. That is not just beautiful and still very functional.

And in General… peach blush, amaranth lipstick – do you seriously believe that this palette will go to someone else in the newsroom except for me?:)

A collection of scented candles Camo, Kobo Candles

Aromas of candles from the collection of Camo is to carry on (who? listener? obonyatel?:) in different parts of the world: the mountains, the jungles, the tropics, and wild forests. The basis — a pure soy wax. It burns longer than paraffin and, if anything, is easily washed off with water.

In the collection of six fragrances:

  • Berry Sauvage — wild blueberries, currant, patchouli;
  • Himalayan Red Spruce — cedar, eucalyptus, spruce juice;
  • Immortal Oolong — Oolong tea, matcha tea, Jasmine;
  • Marrakesh Midnight — wild mint, ginger, black tea, camphor;
  • Sacred Leaning Lily wild Lily, lavender, clover, cedar;
  • Smoked Santal — wood of sandalwood, warm vanilla, amber.

Price: 3900 RUB.

Available from 17 December on the website and in the store Сandlesbox. From 17 to 19 December, all candles brand deistvovat 12% discount.

Nastya: If Midnight in Marrakesh there is indeed camphor — wrap me!

Olga: …And if there’s more ginger and wild mint to me!

Masha: I Want berries and wild roses. And holidays.

Lena: Live Christmas tree, turntable and tasty tea. And if about candles – vanilla and sandalwood. To light after the holidays and remember how it all was fine.

Palette Aphrodisiac, Urban Decay

Promise that Aphrodisiac is perfect for creating pink cherry, smoky eyes. Eyeshadow palette — matte and metallic shades. Like all Urban Decay shadows should give good color, easy to rastushevyvaet and not crumble.

It is impossible not to notice that this Naked palette is reminiscent of Cherry. So this is a great option for those who wanted a cherry, but didn’t understand why he was so much pink.

Price: 2690 RUB.

Already available on the official website.

Masha: I think mini versions of the big palettes from the brand are more successful. And if big Cherry is not made me delight (indeed, where I was the 50 shades of pink?), this seems interesting: here is one on-trend hue and 5 easier for him to support.

Olga: Give me — and I promise to finally begin painting eyes on a daily basis. I like all the shades!

Aroma Cuir Celeste, Ex Nihilo

Cuir Celeste is a result of collaboration of perfumer Quentin Bruce Laguna (Mugler, Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, L’artisan Parfumeur, Etat Libre d’orange) and photographer Mathieu Cesar. He was shooting for Vouge, Harpers Bazar and other glazed, and his work lit up polgasovita.

A rare case where the creators were inspired by something unusual. Namely, a leather jacket Mathieu.

Looking at the work of Cesar, we can assume that the flavor turned out at least good.)


  • top notes: black pepper, violet leaves, galbanum;
  • heart notes: Ambrette, osmanthus;
  • base notes: patchouli, cypriol, amigaland, musk, leather.

Price: 24 000 RUB./ 50 ml., 29 000 RUB. /100 ml.

Already on sale in TSUM and network Articoli.

Lena: Knowing benoît Verdier, co-founder of the brand Ex Nihilo, absolutely sure that his friend (really a friend, without any connotations) Mathieu Cesar – a character extraordinary. As expected real talents are self – taught. Shoots only b/W. (By the way, his Instagram – happiness visuals. Subscribe if not already.) Rides on retro seems to be “Mustang,” and in a promotional video for Cuir Celeste takes such turns that Alain Prost would be proud of. Sorry that this is a video I found on YouTube, because it is as beautiful as a classic of French cinema.

The aroma of the plague. Instead of fresh citrus in the front row – black pepper. And then the skin-skin-skin. Vintage, masculina. With an earthy iris. The other day, by the way, going to buy a jacket-Aviator – still harmful job. You never know how much it will stand you inspiration)

Olga: Vividly imagine how two adults, serious men alternately sniffing a leather jacket and a test tube with a future flavor and vying offer: “And will add-as even the leaves of the violets!” — “Mmm, great! And now a little black pepper!”. Want to know what they eventually turned out!

Novelties of the week: the cherry on the cake Urban Decay and the aroma of Ex Nihilo, the inspired leather jacket

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