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Fashion changes as fast as the weather on the street. The new season brings new trends that flood the streets of the city and become obsolete in an instant. It is definitely hard to keep up with fashion, although we have all repeatedly seen the return of certain trends.

So don’t write off your favorite thing, but temporarily put it in the far corner of the chiffonier. Who knows, maybe in a few years the fashion will return to them … What are the 6 wardrobe items that are out of fashion?


This model was fashionable almost six years ago. Many women loved Basque because it hides the belly and emphasizes the waist. Today, however, Basque clothing is gone, although we can still buy Basque blouses and dresses. But it is better not to risk …


This model can still be seen on the streets, although it’s hard for me to understand them personally. They have nothing to do with sports elegance, and the stylists definitely say “NO” to the sneakers on the wedge this season.


Ten years ago, the bolero was an inseparable element of the outfit, whether it was a wedding or a party. Fortunately, we have long forgotten about it and hope that this thing will never come back …

High heels with platform

These are probably the worst shoes ever made. The platform is a few centimeters long and looks too bulky and vulgar. Any orthopaedic surgeon will say that large heels cause problems with the spine and legs. We say goodbye to these shoes!


Some time ago, this asymmetrical dress was a real hit. The short front, long back, is certainly something to avoid today.

The alternative is a midi or mini dress with ruches and ruffles.

Too shabby jeans

Slightly shabby, not too porous jeans are welcome. Jeans with large abrasions spoil the image as a whole and do not add femininity and chic.

Pay attention to high waistline jeans and boyfriends that will still be fashionable next season. Agreed?

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