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Olga Tretyakova have collected the most interesting facts about the films-nominees on “Oscar-2019” and the intrigues of the 91st ceremony.

10 nominations: “Favorite”, directed by yorgos of lanthimos, starring Olivia Colman, Emma stone and Rachel Weisz

  • Nominations: best film, best Director (yorgos of lanthimos), best female lead (Olivia Colman), best secondary actress (Emma stone and Rachel Weisz), best original screenplay (Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara) and others, including best costume.

Genre: historical drama

What? Intrigues at the court of the English Queen Anne. While that is sick, the country is actually controlled by the mistress – lady Sarah Churchill. But the arrival of cousin Sarah, Abigail, changes the balance of power in the Palace coterie.


Interesting facts:

  • Rachel Weisz and Emma stone were rivals not only on screen but in real life: both nominated in the category for best supporting actor.
  • The film is considered a leader in the category “Best original screenplay”. And he’s got three acting nominations. So the actors have something to play, and it is a merit of the writers.
  • For the role of Queen Anne Olivia Colman scored 16 kg. of Course, nominated for best actress, she not only for that, she played amazing!

10 nominations: “Roma”, directed by Alfonso cuarón, starring Alice Aparicio, Marina de Tavira

  • 10 nominations, including: best film, best foreign film, best Director, best actress in a leading role (Alice Aparicio), best actress in a minor role (Marina de Tavira).

Genre: drama

What? About the life of a maid in a middle class family in the 70-ies in Mexico city.


Interesting facts:

  • Alice Aparicio, who played the nanny is not a professional actress. Previously, she taught children in school. Debut — and immediately nominated for best leading role.

Alice Aparicio

  • Alfonso cuarón – and the Director, the DOP and scriptwriter, and editor of the film. The actors he’s not allowed to read the entire script only the stage was working on at the moment. No one knew what the outcome of the case – episodes were shot in strict sequence.

Alfonso Cuarón

  • The movie was a very personal script created by memories Cuaron. All things in the frame – exact copy of those that were in his childhood. Even a dog he found similar.

8 nominations: “a Star is born”, directed Bradley Cooper, starring Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliot

  • 8 nominations, including: best film, best actress in a leading role (Lady Gaga), best actor (Bradley Cooper), best actor in secondary role (Sam Elliott), best adapted screenplay (Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper and will Fetters).

Genre: musical drama

What? Well-known musician, the idol of the fans of country music, accidentally meets in a bar a young singer with a stunning voice. Falls in love and makes her a pop star. Her career goes up, while his own is on the wane, and drinking, he now even more than before, but more like nowhere. A heartbreaking drama about the test of the senses copper pipes.

Interesting facts:

  • “A star is born” — the directorial debut Bradley Cooper. For this role he had to learn to play the guitar and sing. You could, of course, just fake singing, but Lady Gaga is convinced Cooper that there is nothing worse when in the musical film, the actors pretend to sing. So Cooper had to learn country vocals.

Bradley Cooper

  • The main role in the film was considered Tom cruise, johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and will Smith.

Lady Gaga

8 nominations: “Power”, directed by Adam McKay, starring Christian bale, Sam Rockwell, Amy Adams

  • 8 nominations, including: best film, best Director (Adam McKay), best actor in a leading role (Christian bale), best actor in secondary role (Sam Rockwell), best actress (Amy Adams), best original screenplay (Adam McKay).

Genre: political Comedy-drama

About: the story of the life and career of former American Vice-President dick Cheney, shot in a comedic manner.

Interesting fact:

  • For the role in the film, Christian bale gained 20 kg (he grew fat under the supervision of a nutritionist), shaved my head, bleached eyebrows, and daily practiced to pump up the neck as dick Cheney.

Christian Bale

7 nominations: “Black Panther”, directed by Ryan Kugler, starring Chadwick Bozeman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita nyongo

  • 7 nominations, including best film.

Genre: fantasy drama

What? The Marvel comics about the African country of Wakanda, the inhabitants of which gained superpowers due to the fallen meteorite. They hide their technology from all over the world, not to become an Apple of discord in the world political game. But ascended to the throne of a new ruler who wants to convey a powerful weapon finding wakanda world powers. I. of course, only a superhero can stop him.


Interesting fact:

  • If after the announcement of the nominations “the Black Panther” was considered a movie that scored in the category of just “pile up”, after the awards ceremony the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the giggles subsided. The fact that the main contender for the “Oscar” is traditionally considered the film won the award for “Best ensemble cast”. And guess who took the prize?

6 nominations: all kinds of things over the Black Director spike Lee, starring John David Washington, Adam Driver

  • 6 nominations including: best film, best Director (spike Lee), best actor in secondary role (Adam Driver), best adapted screenplay (Charlie Wachtel, David Rabinovich, Kevin Willmott and spike Lee)

Genre: retro-drama

What? in the 70 year black COP Ron Stallworth calls to the Department Ku Klux Klan and says he wants to become a member. He set up a meeting, which rides his partner, Jewish Flip Zimmerman. Acting in concert, the undercover officers begin to break the plans of the organization.


Interesting facts:

  • “All kinds of things over” shot the same film Studio, which last year presented another film about racial issues – “Off” (the”Oscar” for best adapted screenplay). This year she again screenwriting nomination. It’s hard to say whether this is good or bad. On the one hand, the ability to tell “the Oscar-winning” stories they did not take away with the other scripts on racism for two consecutive years? Subject, of course, important, but not the only one.
  • Adam Driver is the first nomination. Before becoming an actor, the Driver sold a miracle-vacuum cleaners Kirby.

Adam Driver (left)

5 nominations: Bohemian Rhapsody, directed by Bryan singer, starring Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton

  • 5 nominations, including: best film, best actor (Rami Malek)

What? About the life of the band Queen and its frontman Freddie mercury, from the beginning of a creative way to the most famous concert at Wembley stadium.

Genre: musical drama.


Interesting facts:

  • Initially the role of Freddie was written by Sasha Baron Cohen. However, due to differences with members of Queen Brian may and Roger Taylor, he dropped out of the project. Role – and with it awards a Golden globe and screen actors Guild – got Rami Malek. Now he is one of two main favorites of the category “Best actor” (another Christian bale).
  • Who sings in the film? The voice of “Freddy” is a mix of actual records Freddie mercury vocal sessions Rami Malek and canadian singer Marc Martel.

5 nominations: the Green book, directed by Peter Farrelly, starring Viggo Mortensen, Maharshal Ali

  • 5 nominations, including: best film, best actor in a leading role (Viggo Mortensen), best actress in a minor role (Maharshal Ali), best original screenplay (Nick Vallelonga, Brian Curry, Peter Farrelly)

Genre: biographical Comedy drama

What? The real story about the friendship between jazz pianist don Shirley and his driver – Italian Tony Vallelonga. It takes place in 1962, and the tour, which go heroes takes place in the South America where strong racist sentiment. And the Green book — Green book — actually existed in those days is a guide for black, which indicates places (e.g. hotels and restaurants), where it is safe to emerge.


Interesting facts:

Peter Farrelly

  • In the nomination “Best Director” no Peter Farrelly, who directed “the Green book”. A familiar name? Still, thanks to him, appeared the movies “Dumb and dumber”, “there’s something about Mary,” “Stuck on you”. “The green book”, as all the paintings Farrelly, Comedy but not slapstick, and drama. In General, such a film, which nobody expected. It is a pity that the Academy was not noted.

Viggo Mortensen and Maharshal Ali

  • Critics are sure that the prize for the best male role of the second plan will take maharshal was Ali, who played the don Shirley. Once it was taken in the TV series “Game of thrones” and now his second nomination for “Oscar”.
  • By the way, one of the writers is the son of a prototype of the hero of the movie Tony Vallelonga, Nick. And Tony himself was a colorful personality. He worked as a bouncer at a nightclub, then the driver don Shirley (also very real). After went in the cinema, where he was given small but vivid role of the mafia. He starred in “the Godfather”, “the Sopranos”, “Donnie Brasco”. The story of my friendship Tony told the son that recorded and received the “Golden globe”. Perhaps “Oscar” he’s gonna get?

Viggo Mortensen

  • Viggo Mortensen was amazing, but the Oscar he most likely will not. In one interview, talking about his role in “the Green book”, he used the word “nigger”. Tolerant society was horrified and accused him of racism. And how much Mortensen neither justified, explaining that the word “n” was part of his role, a Golden globe for best actor he squeezed.

Full list of nominative can be viewed at the link.

Ceremony of delivery “Oscars” will be held on February 24 in Los Angeles. This time it should be shorter – due to the fact that we won’t see live nominations such as “Best sound” and “Best editing”.

Have you watched anything “Oscar” from the list? Who will you support?

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