Causing dry eyes?

Scientists explain why people have dry eyes. Researchers have found a method for the treatment of diseases such as dry eye syndrome. To the eye function properly, the surface should always be wet. This helps them to tears. Water does not evaporate quickly, as it has special organic substances that Continue Reading

What to eat better, not to worry?

The scientists said eating some foods, you can reduce the dangerous effect of regular stress. Researchers at the national University of Ireland in Cork have found a relationship between various stress disorders (depression, increased anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome) with bacteria. It has long been known that chronic stress can cause Continue Reading

What is callanetics fitness

Recently callanetics is becoming increasingly popular and helps to get rid of extra pounds. Callanetics is gymnastics, a comprehensive system of exercises, aimed at the reduction and stretching of the muscles. With regular practice, develop even deep-lying muscles that are not normally involved in the execution of basic exercises. Callanetics Continue Reading