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Very beautiful and seems to be universal palettes Pupa. To run for them in the store?

Pupa clearly caught the trend on large palettes of bright shadows, like the Huda Beauty and Urban Decay, and released their Multi Finish Eyeshadow Palettes. Each of ten colors and three finishes: matte, satin and metallic. All promise vivid colors, smooth surface and durability — thanks to the mixture of resins, waxes, oils and polymers in the formulations.

Just collection 4 palettes, we have everything 🙂

Shade 001 Spicy Nudes Make Up Stories, Pupa

Julia: Palette — decent middling in quality and color palette. My favorite matte light shades moderately pigmented — that is the traditional failure of the “color will not pull out” did not happen. Metallica nothing annoying — are normal, nothing to highlight. Shimmer is also good. Generally I like more than plastic shades, which are easier to give color and shade. But with a texture, don’t overdo.

Shade 002 Hot Flame Make Up Stories, Pupa

Masha: the Main treasure here is not gold, and stunning orange and orange-pink metallics. Bright and shiny, in the best traditions of Rihanna. Apply can (and should) fingers on the brush these tightly compacted shimmer not responding.

Also turned out to be good Bordeaux, matte brown and satin taupe. Even black, which I rarely use, then the place and are quite suitable for darkening the outer corners.

The other four right-wing hue with varying degrees of yellowness rather raise the question of the compatibility of person with my face to their TX I can not find fault. The bottom 6 of the 10 colors Hot Flame Make Up Stories very very hot. Fire palette!

Shade 003 Bright Violet Make Up Stories, Pupa

Ian: All I had to say about this palette, already mentioned in the post “Makeup, which works: best in January.” It only remains to add, that I continue enthusiastically to use and discover a new dignity. For example, mega-convenient, mirror, drop-down 180 degrees. And absolute universality nadovich shades. And durability bright shimarov. And anyway, van love.

Shade 004 Cosmic Queen Make Up Stories, Pupa

Mary: the Main shades, which I wanted this palette to immediately pick up and run, blue and green. But they only work well on swatches on hand. On the eyelid well tolerated reluctantly and instead of beautiful colors give vague dirt and dust. It’s strange — usually the shade from Pupa make great: soft, bright, easily shared. Apparently, something went wrong.

Anastasia: the Most disappointing palette of the entire collection. Mary’s right about blue and green from them in the century solid greyish-black mud.

Four shades on the right too from the 90s. Is “from the 90s”, which is in trend but not in this case. Crumble, on the eyelid foreign look and emphasize micromolding.

In fact, a successful sector — second and third in the bottom row. But they are absolutely not unique.

Price: 1780 RUB on paradpomad.ru


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