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Experts urged not to believe the numbers on the scales and inch tape. The fact that we see your weight not for what it really is. Why this is so, explained psychologists.

People play some game of “Who’s thinner”. Modern girls are constantly comparing themselves to the old self, with friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

– It all depends on the previous weight and Outlook. For example, for someone weight 65 pounds can please, and someone he becomes a reason for frustration, says psychotherapist Oksana Lavrenteva.

It is noteworthy that girls in love to himself are more critical. If a woman has a friend who is slimmer, it begins to extra weight. By the way, the people that I see around me only slim people think: “I’m so much better than the rest”. Though in reality it could be completely different.

Incidentally, the perception of their own weight is easier for those women who work with children. Workers of a kindergarten is not feel such discomfort, because toddlers have no sense of beauty of the human body. For them the main thing is care and kindness.

Scientists have also shown that short-term diet for some period, too, give a sense of slimness.

Psychologists advise not to go all the hysteria about the game “Who’s thinner”. Not worth it to play, because winners are not here.


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