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The health of a future baby depends on the back or side sleeping pregnant woman.


British scientists from the University of Huddersfield conducted a study in which analyzed the influence of various poses of sleep in pregnant women at risk of stillbirth. It turned out that there is a direct link.

After the first received data that the position for sleeping in pregnancy and the risk of stillbirth may be associated, the researchers initiated a large-scale international study that analyzed data collected in the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

In total, the study involved 257 2 women with current pregnancy 851 and a woman who are faced with stillbirth. The researchers analyzed how women sleep. It turned out that those pregnant women who slept back after the onset of 28 weeks, risk of stillbirth increased from 2.6 times. And it was increased regardless of other risk factors.

As a reason why this happens, researchers call this the crushing weight of the uterus and subsequent reduction of blood flow to the baby when sleeping on your back. Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that pregnant women should sleep on their backs to avoid problems with health of the unborn child.

It should be noted that doctors often recommend pregnant women to sleep on their side and up to 20 weeks. Sleeping on your back is not recommended also for reasons of concerns about the health of the mother, this leads to back pain and poor sleep, in terms of pregnancy is a harmful factor.

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