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Is it true that moms can suffer from “momnesia”? Scientists have discovered what happens to the mind during pregnancy and after birth.

Some women openly say that pregnancy affected their ability to think. In addition, many women noted that they became more scattered and forgetful before and after childbirth. These symptoms experts call the “momnesia”. Changes with the concentration of attention women blamed for their interesting position.
And what science says? Whether pregnancy changes a mother’s brain? To explore this question come from scholars from Spain. The Oscar Villaroel from the University of Barcelona with a group of colleagues conducted an interesting experiment on this topic. It lasted for five years.
Within it twenty-five women underwent MRI of the head to my first pregnancy, during it and after. The control in the experiment were their counterparts who have never been pregnant.
After completing the experimental part of the research, the experts began to analyze the data received. The result is insights that pregnancy actually leads to physiological change of the brain women.
Scientists have discovered that reduced grey matter in those parts of the brain that are accountable for social interaction (the ability to empathize, to communicate with others, etc.).
In addition, it was found that such changes continues even two years after the birth of a child. Then the brain starts to recover and the amount of gray matter in these areas builds up.
According to scientists, changes in the brain of women in an interesting position, they found, is a necessary mechanism. The fact that they allow you to make stronger bonds between the mother and her baby, providing him the necessary protection. Makes these changes and another very important role – they help women to better tolerate difficulties of motherhood.
If these changes are so useful, why don’t they remain forever? On this account scientists have a hypothesis. According to them, for the first two years, the woman has time to adapt to the role of the mother, she develops the ability to understand the child correctly identify his emotions, to react to them. Then physiological changes in the brain are no longer needed, as everything takes place on an intuitive level.
It is noteworthy that in the course of their observations, the experts found that cognitive processes (memory, perception, understanding, thinking, decision making, etc.) pregnancy has no effect. The test results confirmed it. Young mothers and pregnant women coped with the tasks on the same level as their childless counterparts.

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