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Even the fight didn’t stop a pregnant woman who really wanted to pass the exam.

Chiara Derbyshir

An unusual event occurred recently in the British town of Worthing. There was a pregnant girl so wanted to pass the exam that came at him in that moment, when she had started having contractions. To dissuade her from such an act couldn’t even takes the exam the teacher, but in the end everything ended well.

The British name of Chiara Darbishire and its 20 years. She is studying in a local University on the makeup before she had to take a very important final exam. The situation was complicated only by the fact that the girl was pregnant. Moreover, for two days before the exam doctors encouraged her baby.

This has not stopped Chiara. She came to the exam and immediately warned the teacher about your condition – the girl had started having contractions. The teacher was very surprised of what was happening and explained to the student that it is able to take her exam after she gives birth. However, Derbyshir not agree on such a development and said: “I’d rather do it during labor, what with the screaming child at the ready”.

In the end, Chiara successfully passed the exam. During labor she used a device for electrical myostimulation muscles and perform breathing exercises. Immediately after the exam Darbishire was taken to the hospital where she gave birth to a little girl named poppy.

Interestingly, for girls it is the second such experience. At the age of 16 she passed the test in geography in school, while also experiencing contractions. A couple of days after the test at Heary born boy Hugo.

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