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Three months of balanced loads and relaxation

February 3 kicked off the IV stage of the project to Come Back. The Woman from Pride Wellness Club. Before may 1, participants of the program will focus on finding harmony, acceptance of self and conscious lifestyle. The project is designed for women who need to restart, I want to treat myself more consciously, to let go and focus on what really matters.

According to the organizers to Come Back. The Woman first two sets were designed to help young mothers recover after pregnancy and childbirth. However, solving this task, the participants wanted to go further in the work on your body and personal development. So there was a continuation of the program – Transformation, where in addition to traditional physical exercise, correct nutrition plan and of course Spa treatments included workshops on style and closed lectures from the best doctors network of clinics EMC on the topics of health, beauty, and quality of life.

The program is developed taking into account the physical and mental characteristics of a person, including hormonal failure in the critical days of disruption on the sweet and mood disorders.

Pride Wellness Club

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