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Jana is the short list of the best procedures-2018. Spoiler: he will indeed be “very short”, that is, very short. The number one treatment in it — one that was created specifically for brand-Pevonia Peak Health Club&Spa in London Jumeirah Carlton Tower.

Yes, I also succumbed to this obsession pre – and post-Christmas mania: make a list of the experience and the future. (But what if the best way to sum up there, and to bring required: until total old, will not start new, and will still last for one carousel. Not neatly.)

And went to flipping through pictures on the iPhone, parallel thinking, as people are summed up, when iPhones were not? Is plowed memory?!

The iPhone, meanwhile, there were a lot of things, as I for various reasons then didn’t. (However, as Julia says, the reasons for nenapysani posts we only have two “things”:) for Example, about their Spa experiments in different parts of the world. Not that I didn’t think it was a minor theme for beauty online, but it sometimes seems: it is interesting to read how you crushed the carcass? Silent shame:) on the other hand, sometimes people deliberately write to me in PM tell me where the coolest massage? What to try in the Maldives? And where I will order in Paris? And here you were recently in London, where as with passionsame?.. And you’re frantically begin to remember — Yes, exactly, were the same! What?.. “Asleep — awake beauty”?.. It was something?..

As it was. But not to remember anything anymore.

But there are procedures and there are procedures. Forget about the first, barely “waking beauty”, about the second recall over the years, and regret that there is no “best of the best treatments of all times and peoples who need to try before I die”.

In General, it was a long prelude to what I this mini the best decided to create his own. And thanks to all who still reading this site. It will be even worse:) — because we proceed directly to procedure Jumeirah Sensory Wellness Journey by Pevonia.

I honestly was in London for a whole other reason. And nothing planned, no labor-intensive Spa tests, the continuous unbridled Christmas – shopping. And the hotel was chosen so strategically: Jumeirah London Carlton Tower hotel on Cadogan Place, Knightsbrige up approximately 300 steps to the left, to Harrods — approximately 500 feet to the right, turned the corner — butick Chanel.

Well, with the history of this hotel. For such sublimely mundane persons like me who love to shopping was certainly a cultural filling, otherwise what friends tell? “I was in London, saw Buckingham Palace and Harrods?:)

And then Mary Quant, the hooligan and the inventor of mini-skirts, the shooting on the roof arranged in the 1960s, that forever entered the Jumeira Carlton Tower London in the global fashion story.

It was then a breakthrough: the first hotel in the skyscraper, is the most fashionable in the city, the natural place to be, and writer Tennessee Williams came from new York to dine (I suspect, rather atipici:) the restaurant The Rib Room.

Later looked Lady Di and Michael Jackson.

And in 2016 — early 2017 then there was a whole exhibition of Sixties Knightsbrige Style — swinging 1960’s, the works. And parallel to the Victoria and albert Museum was the exhibition You say you want a revolution? Records & Rebels 1966-1970, they strangely resonated with each other, and the people planiroval from the V&A in Jumeirah the five o’clock tea.

In short, staying here, I was hoping to touch on a couple of legends, then to maintain small talk. Glad that room found a book where all the picture who was here, when, why, and how it ended.

Set out to read at bedtime:

And was terribly surprised to find on the table here is a Wellcome-set — hint that after the champagne it would be the exclusive treatment, designed exclusively for local Pevonia Spa.

Pevonia jars in the background, I certainly learned from. And rejoiced that drove it was my favorite, pineapple. But the fact that beloved Pevonia is a Spa brand in the UK and it is working here in a cool Spa, I, to my shame, didn’t even know existed.

I was curious and I signed up the next morning on procedure, strictly telling myself that I’ll have a drink one glass. Well, two.

As a result — I do not remember, told me not to:)

But the morning will still start and run. Even with a two-run, to be exact. First, it was interesting to try the option “Jogging in a personal garden”.

Such a system. Wake up. See in the box here’s a dawn.

Inspired by athletic performance. That, so to speak, to match this beauty.

Go down to the transparent a little old-school outboard Elevator (lift it hard, all reflected and flickers, so take our word for it, he’s very nice). Approach the Concierge, Express their intention to surrender HLS in the fresh air, and he leads you across the road to the garden.

The garden is closed on the lock on the gate he monarchical paraphernalia, and it’s called Cadogan Place North Garden.

Concierge turns the key, unlocks the padlock and says “welcome”. And you are accepted for your healthy lifestyle, feeling as close as possible — well, let’s say, some 3-minute walk briskly to Prince Harry.

No matter that the garden is tiny, and 1,500 — 2,000 steps — but are you running, see this:

I would be more as it ran, but I had the task “to learn in one morning all” and, in order not to fail, I’m part of his exercise moved to the gym. To find out why this gym and the club considered the best in Knightsbridge.

Found out literally from the first sight.

And it’s not just that the equipment cool and there’s even a device to measure muscle fat-water body weight, a La Tanita.

And the fact that you run around again, admiring the morning London, winter ringing. (The result is not look I swear I slowed down only to be well washed, and then ka-a-AK raced on!:)

Well, it is marvelous.

And the pool is such that you can swim in it right, plunging headlong into a water — sorry. I want it to turn around.

But most of all me in this fitness club was shocked that…

But, okay, I’m still going to talk about the procedure, and then return to my shock.

Procedural rooms located almost immediately in the gym. I mean, you just need a bit of a climb up the stairs. They, unlike gym space, no breathtaking views, no. No Windows (that, perhaps, logical), and almost any Spa decor (which is odd, because the decor and all the interior trimmings are usually set you on the right way, and pacify).

Here, all rapidamente. Posters Pevonia except that where the girl — well, purely our work and collective farm girl gives you a sign, “do Not talk!”.

Her scarves are just not enough. Obviously, the art Director is not familiar with Pevonia Soviet poster art of the period of the Second world:)

In the room, however, all as is necessary — candles, scents, shade and bliss.

A choice of main aroma treatments — pineapple-coconut, Jasmine, lavender, vanilla and peach. Well, I’m his favorite long set:)

And then tell what will happen. Here I am, honestly, still was full of skepticism. They say, well, what nonsense, what makes sense to develop a whole procedure for a single Spa and this can be in this procedure, which is not in 30 (or how many?) other treatments Pevonia?.. For 75 minutes, they say, will give you a new face and body (uh, me in the old nice:), you will be completely updated, a couple of inches thinner in the waist (really?!) and with the feeling that two hours was engaged in meditation (hee hee).

But after 3 minutes I put his skepticism too far. Once the wizard has finished working on your tongue and start to work with your hands straight and stuck. You know, the hands of a professional masseur, you can even define how you apply the scrub? Here was exactly such a case. She sort of just slathered on me exfoliant, but he did it so that all my clips instantly relaxed.

And the massage that followed — it was some kind of gourmet fusion based on all massages techniques all at once. Actually, the way it was: Jumeirah is a big chain of hotels, 15 of which in the middle East, 5 in Europe and 2 in Asia. So sometimes the depth, strength and character of depression can be recognized that the harsh Thai massage, is a gentle Filipino, classic — Swedish (or if you prefer, sports), dancing Lomi-Lomi. And suddenly, even esoteric vibration. (Forgot who practice it, but the point is that the wizard shakes you by the hand, the foot, your body vibrates, and you remember all who hurt and all who have wronged you and forgive them and yourself).

A marvelous medley that clearing the brain and releasing energy in the body, lasted about 50 minutes. Indeed, never had me tested.

That face, that skin condition and her need was determined by the master’s sentences, and of all the lines Pevonia (anti-aging, sensitive, irritated, dull-lethargic-tired etc) she has made.-composition to include and clear to me and purely professional, which I saw for the first time. The Protocol was, however, a classic — cleansing-exfoliation-massage mask — mask — protective cream. Extraordinary, again, was massage is hard sometimes active, sometimes generouse-tender, with a stop on the scalp and with the participation of the ears.

And face she masterfully combined with the work with the body. At some point I tired to follow what’s going on, and dropped out of the process.

Woke up — got dressed — and wow, really a pair of inches in the waist no. It is clear that temporary, but still nice. Draining effect, incidentally, was maintained for about 5 days. How and why — I don’t know, don’t ask. On the face it was also obvious bags under the eyes disappeared, his cheeks pleasantly fell, cheekbones, as a result I perked up and tightened.

But the condition of the skin. I haven’t had such soft, smooth, moisturized and not afraid of this word, radiant skin. Neither on the face nor on the body. And then — the impression is that shone even in heels:)

And all this in 75 minutes, i.e. an hour ish? Without the inclusion of hard acid peels? Without the use of torture devices?

Cost, incidentally, is a procedure not a million, as indicated in the title, but something around 200 pounds.

In General, far be it from me to agitate all immediately to buy a ticket to London to compete on the 9th floor of Jumeirah Carlton Tower London, but if you pass by…

Here’s another argument, literally, for starters: a decent Breakfast there too. Pay attention to the size of the raspberry, and everything will become clear.

No, not plastic. Yes, sweet. Yes, in December.

Well, that I truly admire. In the gym, on one of the gym — if I’m not mistaken, something like a TRX, I saw a woman. From the back — slim and beautiful. The same as the one practiced on the left. And even slightly slimmer than the one trained on the right. In General, a typical VIP-Sonica, I thought. But when she turned, it became clear that this athlete, probably the same age as Mary Quant and first wore her mini-skirt.

Seriously, I know all about the types of aging Japanese, European, British and others. So that person was just under 90. And it was happy. And full of desire to train. And no, the presence of that person in the gym was not surprised. As if it is in order.

And then I thought: why, indeed, I think, what’s wrong? Maybe it’s in my head something wrong? And here again, people do this OK?

As it turned out, this lady is a permanent member of the club. And went to the Spa for the Pevonia procedure behind me.

Schaub I lived. So we all lived, my dear.

PS. The shortlist for the Best Treatment will gradually grow. But not too active, I promise. Only the best of the best and most memorable of the unforgettable:)

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