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Rashes on the face in women: causes

1. Rash on the chin

Most often if you notice the acne in the lower face, chin or jawline, get down to the endocrinologist. That is a problem with the thyroid and hormonal imbalances are reflected on the face in such a nasty way.

2. Rash on the temples

Perhaps the most innocuous variant, in terms of correction. Pimples on the temporal region talking about banal dehydration. Drink more water and everything will be fine!

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3. Rash on forehead

Rashes on the face? You will be surprised, but often the cause is — bad shampoo and conditioner for hair. They stick to the skin, penetrate into the pores and finish. The second reason is the poor removal of decorative cosmetics. And finally the third — the abuse of scrubs and peels that destroy the protective layer on the skin.

4. Rashes on the face in the mouth area

If uninvited guests often appear near the lips, reduce the number of sweet and fat and give up alcohol. Cause of rash on face in your diet. This is the pancreas thus sending you an SOS!

5. Rashes in the cheeks

Most likely, you love leaning your face on your hand when sitting at a Desk, or talking a lot on the phone. Anyway, get an antibacterial spray for hands and wipe them often, not forgetting about the cell phone screen: it is also a breeding ground for bacteria!

6. Rashes on the face of the woman in the T-zone

A direct consequence of poor nerves. Stress, rush jobs, lack of sleep — they all lead to the fact that in the middle of the forehead, wings of nose and bridge of nose pimples. How to get rid of rashes on face? Maybe it’s time to think about a vacation? Well, or at least to go to bed early, even if on the Internet someone is not right.

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