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It is associated with the fire at the Dmitrov factory, where the manufacturing company

Cosmetic company Andrey Trubnikov Natura Siberica received the ISK 4.5 billion, which is roughly half the annual revenue of the organization. According to the Bell, in this regard, with 65 brands, including “Recipes grandmother Agafia” Organic Shop and imposed restrictive measures now they may not be sold or transferred to other legal entities. Under arrest came and company-owned cars.

The plaintiff is LLC “EN+ Recycling”. He issued utility assets Dmitrov pilot plant of aluminium and composite tape (DOZAKL), part of the premises which was filmed Natura Siberica, but rather the basis of the legal entity company “First solution”. In 2017, it produced 10 million units of products monthly.

The Bell says that the claim is associated with the fire, which occurred at the plant on March 21. The fire started in the morning in a room with flammable liquids. Completely extinguish the fire was only a day later. It is already known that the restoration of the burnt portion of the Dmitrov plant will take about two years.

The representative of the “First decision” told the publication that the company is not to blame for the fire.

“Although the fire affected the production processes, they have been restored and currently operate in full. As to the amount of the claim from the part of LLC “EN+ Recycling”, we believe it is absolutely unrealistic and to date has not been confirmed by any calculations,” he said.

A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for July 27.




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