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Red hair is both a dream and a problem. How do you keep your hair vibrant and shiny between visits to the barbershop?

The red color has several shades

The natural colour of the hair depends on the content of melanin (it is divided into eumelanin, on which the hair tone and pheomelanin, which gives the hair a shade). Hair devoid of pheomelanin has an ashtray grey shade, and with the increase in their number the shade becomes warmer and more saturated with red.

And as you can see in the photo above, red has several shades. The tone starts with the lightest, carrot-colored shades, to dark red, almost chestnut.

Who fits red hair?

Unfortunately, not everyone. You need to be able to choose your shade to emphasize the beauty and benefits of color. Red hair is mainly suitable for blond hair (women who have red hair are more likely to have milk skin). The best shades will be light: copper, champagne and even strawberry blond.

Girls with a darker shade will look good in darker versions of red.

Remember that the right shade should be chosen based on the color type – cold beauty types are combined with a cold shade of hair, and vice versa – warm tones with warm tones of hair.

Unfortunately, the red hair colour highlights all the drawbacks. I do not advise those who can not boast of the perfect complexion.

How to cool the red shade?

The easiest way to do this is to get cosmetics made for your skin. blondes. Shampoos, air conditioners and masks, the main purpose of which is to get tired of the unwanted yellow shade, are suitable for the redheads. Unfortunately, only with a bright, intense color. Why?

After all, cosmetics that influence the shade of hair, works on the principle of contrast. Purple reduces yellow tones. Which color then cools orange tones? Blue. There are quite a few blue shampoos and air conditioners on the Russian market now.

How to darken red hair?

Did you know that systematic rinsing and even washing hair in broth from oak bark and walnut darken hair by several tones?

You just need to be patient – the hair gets darker rather slowly, do not expect spectacular effects after one or two rinses. When rinsed thoroughly, they change their shade to a more chestnut colour.

How do I change from red to blond?

Unfortunately, not all redheads can enjoy their natural hair color and try to change it at any cost. If you want to turn into a blonde too, you need to tune in to a few dyeing steps. Do not dye your hair more than once a day – repeat the procedure after two weeks.

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