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Scientists have found the earliest sign by which to determine the lack of vitamin B12.

vitamin B12

Researchers from the National health service of great Britain conducted a study in which found a hidden symptom by which to determine what your body lacks of vitamin B12. Often people don’t even pay attention to him, while prolonged deficiency of this vitamin can lead to unpleasant consequences for health.

It turned out that this symptom is redness and swelling. In other words, glossitis – inflammation of the tongue, which can occur for various reasons. In this case, the glossitis is manifested as a concomitant disease with the shortage of B12.

Experts note that in General the diagnosis of B12 deficiency in the body is, so finding a way to learn about it as early as possible is very important. In the long-term lack of vitamin B12 can lead to a sharp weakening of the immune system, which will lead to the accumulation of toxins from the breakdown of amino acids in the bodies.

In addition, vitamin B12 deficiency leads to various types of anemia, neurological diseases, and even depression. Usually the necessary balance of vitamin in medicine was complemented by intramuscular injection of cyanocobalamin.

As for natural sources of vitamin B12, these are, for example, beef, pork and chicken liver, chicken hearts, octopus, herring, mussels and mackerel. It is worth noting that from plant foods to get B12 is impossible, and the body to synthesize it are not able to, so vegetarians need regular injections.

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