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Scientists found a simple way to help high blood pressure. For this you need to include in your food useful for vessels products.

High blood pressure is dangerous because in addition to deterioration of health of a person, it can still cause a stroke or heart attack. To reduce the likelihood of such unfortunate health problems, experts advise to change diet and lifestyle.

The first step is mandatory for early diagnosis. Catch hypertension at an early stage – it’s almost win the fight. After this we need to understand that the time has come to take on their health.

To give hypertension to turn into a chronic disease, physicians are advised to prevent deficiency of vitamin d is its deficiency may worsen the situation and accelerate the development of the disease. To reduce the pressure in the arteries need to Supplement with this vitamin is more “solar” products.

Most vitamin D in cheese, dairy products, cheese, raw egg yolks, butter and vegetable oils, liver, halibut and cod, fish oil, mackerel, herring, tuna and mackerel.

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