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Price: $24.99

Model: CI95

Description and Specifications:

  • Curler, tongs for soft curls (13-25mm);
  • For home use;
  • Conical curling iron base for beautiful curls;
  • Advanced ceramic with pearl coating (8 times smoother coating, 5 times more durable coating);
  • LCD display for temperature control;
  • Maximum temperature 130-210ºC;
  • Fast heat-up time of 30 seconds;
  • Non-heating tip;
  • Rotating 3 meter power cord;
  • Auto power-off after 60 min;
  • Locking heating button – to prevent accidental temperature changes;
  • Automatic voltage selection;
  • Heat-resistant pouch.
  • Ceramic coating.
  • Included: glove, thermal cover.
  • Technical information is both on the box and on the device itself:
Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos
  • Where to buy:

The packaging

Cardboard box with description and all the necessary information. Inside there is an instruction manual and warranty card.

The quality of materials and workmanship

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

When you take the curler in your hands, you understand that it is well made. No flimsy structures, backlashes and plastic with burrs and jagged edges.

Smooth and pleasant coating of the rod and handle, neat buttons, bright display, thick and long cord.

The tip of the curler does not cling to the hair. The inscriptions and drawings have not worn off for a year, and in general the curler looks like new.

Heat-resistant mat cover

Well protects the surface under the curler from damage, it is only slightly heated.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

And, of course, it is convenient to store the device in the case.
I can advise to always use the case as a backing so that the surfaces are protected, whether it is a table, dresser, washing machine or something else.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

Even though the cover is relatively thin, it prevents stains or melting from intense heat.

You can put the still hot tongs in the pouch, and then take it – the heat is retained inside.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

But I still leave the curling iron to cool, and then removed into the case.

Feet on the curling iron

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

There is a mini stand on the bottom of the curling iron, and it is handy, but sometimes you can accidentally flip the curling iron to the side.

Then the heat-resistant mat cover saves you twice as much.

Cone curling – difficult or not?

Without the clip, it was a little awkward at first.

But after 5 minutes, I was already using the curling iron without any problems. The tip of the curler is not heated, and you can hold a strand at it.

No clip and a tip that is not heated

The design of the curling iron is different from the ones that came before, it does not have a clip. Therefore, the tip of the strand must be held by hand.

I like the no clip design because it makes my hair crimpy.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

But since there is no clip, I need thermal insulation for my hands.

Protective glove

I like the glove, really protects my hand from the heat of the curling iron and hot curls. I’ve seen many people scold the glove, saying it’s not heat resistant. Well, it’s not designed to grab a curling iron and hold it for 5 minutes.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

It protects mostly from accidental touches and has helped me out more than once.

I have long hair, so I have to do a lot of coils around the curling iron, and one way or another, you still accidentally touch the heated surface with your hand.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

Of course, the glove has a slightly worse curl feel, but it is made of thin and close to the hand, so it does not cause me discomfort.

In addition, the glove not only protects the fingers and palm, but also a large part of the wrist, which is important. I’ve seen some company’s ridiculous “gloves” for the index finger and thumb – that wouldn’t work for me.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

Protection from burns

Many girls don’t use a glove, but I don’t do without one and advise everyone to use it.

I also want to advise to wield the curling iron carefully near the face and scalp. Especially if you are used to doing curls at maximum temperatures.

If this curling iron design is still new to you, it is better to start curling your hair not from the roots, but back away from them.

Adjusting the temperature and locking it

I often curl at 160-170 degrees, but you can lower it to 130 or raise the temperature to 210 and lock it.

Controls are simple, with buttons:

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

When you first turn on the remington, the display shows an average temperature of 180 degrees ℃:

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

The maximum temperature is 210 degrees ℃. Also pay attention to the scale under the numbers, it shows that the tongs are still only heated to the desired temperature:

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

The minimum temperature is 130 degrees ℃:

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

And if you press and hold the off button, the buttons will lock and a lock icon will appear:

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

The lock will help you avoid accidentally switching temperatures.

Automatic shutoff

Haven’t come in handy yet, but I’ve been looking for a curling iron with an auto-off feature after one hour.

Still, sometimes you are going to be in a hurry, and this feature can help if you suddenly forget to unplug the device.

Long cord with swivel mechanism

The cord rotates freely around its axis and thus does not twist or tangle.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

The power cord removes all restrictions, you can walk around the apartment with the curler, because the cord is very long, as much as 3 meters.

I do not use the whole length every time, but not all outlets are conveniently located.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

Besides, when I took the curling iron with me on a trip, I did not even think about the convenient/uncomfortable location of the outlets, the length of the cord allows.


The curler is called a cone for a reason – from the base to the tip there is a reduction in diameter from 25mm to 13mm. It’s shaped so you can get more volume out of your hair at the roots, and more definition out of your ends.

Hair preparation

For hair styling to be more resistant and less traumatic for your hair, you need to prepare it properly. Clean and well-dried hair is ideal for styling. Wet hair should not be curled, as this will spoil it.

To avoid weighing down the strands, it is best not to use nutrients / masks before styling. It’s a good idea to use thermal protection. My favorite is Kerastase Nectar Termique.

The process of curling

It is necessary to comb out the hair well, to divide it into parts. I pin the top strands on the crown, and in the meantime I curl the bottom strands. When the bottom ones are ready, I unhook the top ones and curl them.

The resulting curls can be left as is, you can take them apart a little with your hands, and I usually comb through them with a fine tooth comb.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos
Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

Also, during the curling process it is important to curl the strands one by one – to the face, from the face, to the face, etc. Otherwise your curls will be twisted into one big curl and you’ll constantly have to separate them.

At the end of the perm you can spritz hairspray, but I do fine without it and I skip this point.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

Some people practice curling only on the 25mm side, some practice curling only on the 13mm side and not the full length of the tongs. The idea is interesting, but I haven’t tried it.

The result

I was blown away by it. How to curl hair without styling products, and so that the curls last 3 days. Is that even legal? Well, Remington can.

I don’t use anything but shampoo and conditioner. I also apply thermal protection. That’s it.

My hair type isn’t a favorite of hairstylists. Such hair is called “glassy”, “vitreous” – it is undyed, straight, smooth hair that does not hold the style and straightens under its own weight.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

For me, a permanent curl for 3 days, and even without nail polish/spray/gel, is magic beyond Hogwarts. It used to be a win if the style lasted even 3 hours.

Of course, by the third day the curls are smoother, but nevertheless they don’t turn into a light wave.

In addition, I really like that everything you need to work with the curler is already in the kit. I use a glove and a thermal bag for curling all the time.

Another thing – when I tried to curl my hair with a curling iron (spoiler – I have never succeeded), it made my hair “smoke”, although it was completely dry. This does not happen to me from the Remington curling iron.

In all the time I have used it, I have not noticed that the curling iron spoils the hair. Of course, the Kerastase Nectar Termique thermal protection is also a credit here.

Heating time

Heats very quickly, less than a minute, and you don’t have to wait long.


Not that it’s a direct disadvantage, more of a feature.

  • So, if you have a long hair, you may not have enough for curling your hair.
  • Another peculiarity is that the strand most often slips off the wide part.
  • All this is true for long hair, if you have shorter hair this is unlikely to affect you.

Bottom line

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

The curling tongs are good just across the board. They have everything for convenience, and at the same time there are no extra frills that would increase the cost and would lay around idly. And it’s all at a good affordable price. In general, the Remington CI95 tongs are made for maximum convenience, to use them for a long time and for pleasure.

Remington CI9538 Pro review + detailed photos

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