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The actor rarely uses perfumes

Robert Pattinson spoke about his relationship with the beauty and smells in an interview with Allure. According to the actor, he never considered himself handsome and especially not chose their role in a movie.

Robert believes that the transformation occurred gradually: “After starring in “Twilight,” my friends said, “you’re always posing,” and I was like, “what are You talking about? I’m just standing. A couple of years ago none of you were complimenting my looks””.

To the question about his own smell Robert said that many tell him that he smells like pastel or wax crayon. The actor admitted that he rarely uses perfumes.

The most pleasant aroma he called the smell of love – “he awakens in man, his animal side.” The most horrible smell Robert called the smell of burnt hair.

How Robert Pattinson looks as Batman, you can see here.

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