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There is an expression that the eyes are the window of the soul. Indeed, by the eyes you can learn a lot about a person, they attract our attention, in a conversation it is customary to look people in the eye. How to make them even more noticeable and beautiful? In Asia, for example, lenses that visually enlarge the iris of the eye are very common. But there are more simple and pleasant ways to enlarge the eyes. This will help makeup.

Add white

So, you do your usual make-up: apply foundation, eye shadow, paint eyebrows and eyelashes. At this point, use white shadows and a neat strip put them in the inner corner of the eye above and below. This will visually lengthen the eye, make it wider. If you want to increase it also in height, then apply white shadows under the eyebrow, to its very top. Using these two techniques, you can easily achieve the effect of enlarging the eyes. It looks especially beautiful in the Smokey-Ice and with fat arrows.

Not much makeup

A serious mistake that many girls make in the pursuit of a fatal gaze is putting eyes on the line of the lower inner eyelid from the beginning to the end. These are not smoky ice in which the black line is shaded and gives a smoky effect; it’s just a long black line that visually narrows your eye. Discard this format of makeup, if you do not feather. It is better not to let down the lower eyelid at all, but to draw an arrow only on the upper one.

Arrow on the lower eyelid reduces the eyes

Color experiment

Now is the time to try something new. Summer brings bright colors, so take the risk of putting a blue or blue instead of a black eyeliner — a cool tone with proper makeup will make your eyes not only noticeable, but also large, expressive.
If you are afraid of such a color game, then make unobtrusive little arrows in the corners of the eyes, without drawing a line all the way around the moving eyelid. They will create an unobtrusive increase in color, but they will not attract too much attention.

Work with eyelashes

Voluminous eyelashes always enlarge the eyes and make the look expressive. But this does not mean that it is necessary to hang a kilogram of false hairs on your eyes — everything should be within the framework of naturalness. Try to twist eyelashes with special forceps or try a new mascara.
Many, by the way, use ink inappropriately. It is necessary to carefully paint the roots of the eyelashes and in the process take the brush a little to the outer edge of the eye, so that the eyelashes lie a little to the side, and not straight. It will lengthen the eye. If you paint on several layers, then you risk making black lumps; when applying mascara for the second time, the first layer should be applied no earlier than two seconds ago, but no later than seven. This is the optimal time when the mascara has not completely dried up, but has already hardened a little.
By the way, do not forget to tint the lower eyelashes.

Correctly painted eyelashes increase the eyes

A bit of shine

Highlighters are already firmly rooted in our lives, but they can be used not only on cheekbones. Apply a little unobtrusive shine in the middle of the lower eyelid, to the mucosa itself. Light shine will not be intrusive, but it will create the effect of enlarged eyes.
The highlighter can even be colored — pale pink or peach. In this case, it will be perfectly combined with shadows to match him. Such simple life hacking in make-up will make your eyes big and expressive. Have you used any of them?

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